Top 5 Monday’s Meditations of 2013

December 23, 2013

One of the trends that circulates Blogland this time of year is to produce a list of the most popular posts of the year. It’s a custom I quite like. I spend so much damn time on each one of these things (seriously, hours), which makes it appealing to give them another little opportunity to shine. But I also find it so interesting; when all is said and done, there are posts that clearly outshine the others in terms of popularity. Mostly it does no good to try and analyze the winners, to observe the common thread among them so that I might reproduce it in another form, because so often it seems to be arbitrary or random. There’s some factor or magic spark to these particular pieces and that’s that. So, aren’t you curious to know what everyone else is wild for?

All this week I’ll be highlighting my most popular posts from all the major content categories here on Live Simply. If you haven’t read them, I hope you’ll take a moment to now. If you read and loved them, I hope you’ll revisit them, take them to heart, and perhaps, dare I suggest it, implement the concepts in your life. And if you’ve enjoyed the Live Simply blog or a couple of particular posts this year, I hope you’ll select one or two from the daily bunch and share them with the person with whom you think they’ll resonate. I am so deeply committed in spirit and mind and heart and typing fingers to spreading this Live Simply message. I’d love your help in doing so.

If you share via social media, be sure to tag me so I can kiss you in gratitude (virtually)– on twitter: @livesimply, on pinterest: LiveSimplyAnnie and on Instagram: livesimplybyannie.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting and inviting Live Simply into your lives this year. I am bowing with love to all of you–

Now let’s kick things off with the top five meditations of 2013…

1. Monday’s Meditation: On 14 Verses for A Day Lived Simply

2. Monday’s Meditation: On Energy

3. Monday’s Meditation: On Unabashedly Owning It

4. Monday’s Meditation: On The One Gift We’re All Craving

5. Monday’s Meditation: On Women And Bitches, The Burden of Being “Nice”


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