12 Perfect Spring Cleaning Projects

April 11, 2018

12 Perfect Spring Cleaning Projects

1. Take a swiffer or a vacuum to those dust-filled air vents, filters, and fans. 

2. Go a hunt for crumbs in your kitchen. You’ll likely find an entire loaf of bread’s worth on shelves and inside of drawers.

3. Face the Big Kitchen Dirty, a.k.a. Grease and I don’t mean Lightning.

4. While you’ve got out the cleaning arsenal, make sure you don’t overlook other things and spaces probably begging to be attended to.

5. Spring’s a grand time to remind yourself that washing your sheets is a fantastic first layer defense against grime; the second, deeper layer is to clean the bed-underthings. Pillows, blankets, and comforters need love, too. 

6. Speaking of sheets, spring is as good a time as ever to edit your linen closet, release hideously stained and torn sheets, and fold your keepers as beautifully as can be.

7. Make it your mission to rid your life of expired products, because even if the contents within are still technically usable, their outdated status reveals how little applicability said products have in your life.

8. (Psst: the medicine cabinet is a fantastic place to start 7’s game.)

9. Try these 12 simple ways to change the vibe in your whole space, from chaos to sanctuary.

10. Take measures to make your space feel fresh and new, once again. You might not even have to spend a dime in the process.

11. Be on the look out for clutter, in general (a true master editor is never NOT editing). If you need a push, here’s a list of low-hanging fruit.


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