Favorite This: February 2018

February 27, 2018

February, runty month that it is, is about to reach its close. Before it does, I’m giving you the skinny on the items that changed the game for me the past few weeks.


Mrs. Meyer's Peony Hand soap. This stuff smells so good you'll actually look forward to having your wash your hands.

Mrs. Meyer’s Peony Scent Soap

For a hand-washing fanatic such as myself, hand soap is a crucial choice. This all natural, beautifully scented one from Mrs. Meyers is one I’m choosing in spades.

I so seldom make completely impulsive purchases, as you can imagine. But after washing my hands with this Peony scented soap at one of my client’s, delighting in the scent, and then reading that it was limited edition, I took out my phone and ordered a case on the spot.


This bluetooth speaker has over 25,000 4.5 star reviews. You're going to want to find out what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Portable bluetooth speaker

My client gifted me this bluetooth speaker as a little new year’s gift. It wasn’t a very personal choice for me, she confessed, but rather her go-to gift for most anyone as of late. “It’s that good,” she assured me.

The twenty five thousand plus 4.5 star reviews on Amazon more than validate her zeal.

And while I do love to be original, I must admit I stand with the crowd on this one: the speaker’s completely fantastic. The most easily paired bluetooth device I’ve ever used, it has amazingly impressive volume and sound quality, and is about the size of the hand soap bottle above.

My dad requested a bluetooth speaker for his birthday at the beginning of February.

That was the easiest present I’ve ever purchased.


If you have a dog, or a small human, or an aversion to dirty, you'll want these car liners in your life. 

4KNines Car Liner

If you have a dog, or a small human, or an aversion to dirty, you’ll want this company’s car liners in your life. 

After I totaled my car at the end of December, I bought a new, bigger car–the better to haul your clutter away, dear. The only problem was that once I had the brand new car, I didn’t want to let it get all dirty and scuffed up. It was going to defeat its whole purpose if I didn’t put some protective measures in place.

So I ordered this car liner and haven’t had a bit of perfectionist, clean-freak anxiety since. I mean, I’ve obviously had some, but so, so much less than I otherwise would.

This guy clips around the neck rests of the backseats, ensuring it stays in place. It also has a zipper in between the seats, meaning you don’t have to choose between coverage and uprightness of your seats. It also has a bit of extra length down by the trunk, which you can unfold for instant bumper protection.

The best part? To rid your car of stray pet hairs, dirt, and crumbs of all varieties, unsnap the cover, remove, and shake out in the street. Ta-dah, your car is spotless again.


Easy on the eyes and functional in the cabinet means this 2 tiered lazy susan checks all the organization boxes.

Two-tier lazy susan

This was a new-to-me product at the beginning of the month. No surprise, since it’s made by these guys, it was an instant favorite.

It looks so clean and sharp on a shelf, it turns seamlessly and yet stays perfectly balanced, and it’s an easy way to capitalize on vertical space, while retaining accessibility to smaller items.



Your days of wearing wrinkled clothes (and owning an iron) are numbered thanks to this stellar clothing steamer.

Clothes steamer

Oh hey, question for you guys: who thought it was acceptable to keep me in the dark about the miraculous wonders of steamers?

This past month, I pulled out my iron for the third time in two years and then did my best version of the “there has to be a better way!” skit. I get how some of you love to iron; non-rushed it might even be relaxing. Meditative. But when you’re in a pinch, and just want a wrinkle-free shirt like NOW, well, ain’t nobody got time for ironing.

So I ordered this baby. Figured I’d dip my toes into the steam and just see what it was all about.

I donated my iron the next morning.



This stuff WORKS! Quick Defense for rapid immune support at the first signs of a cold or flu.

Quick Defense Rapid Immune Response At Onset

Finally, this saved my life in February. I took it as directed (as soon as I felt the onset of a cold) and with every dose I truly felt the cold symptoms being diverted. I now plan to keep this on hand for always and ever.




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  1. Himkal on November 27, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    Really good stuff you have shared here!

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  1. Himkal on November 27, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    Really good stuff you have shared here!

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