Gift Wrap Organizers So Useful They’ll Feel Like A Present To Yourself

November 13, 2018

Despite my best efforts to allay seasonal anxiety, it’s inevitable that people’s focus turns towards the holidays, and all things related to them.

Speaking of which, I have had not one, not two, but several clients and followers lament to me about the jenky, pitiful state of their gift wrap lately. I believe it, because I see it. And I believe, too, that getting a present wrapped can and ought to be the easiest, most effortless part of the gift-giving process. The challenge of selecting a perfectly fitting, necessary and necessarily extravagant gift is quest enough.

This season, let’s make locating the ribbon and a piece of tissue that isn’t crumpled into basically-dust a thing of ease–of pleasure.

Essential organizers for gift wrapping supplies. This year, wrapping up the presents is going to be the easiest part.

1. 8-compartment supply caddy – Perfect for things like gift tags, smaller spools of ribbon, and supplies like scissors, pens, and so on.

2. Ribbon box

3. vertical gift wrapping paper organizer

4. Gift wrapping cart – The best, all-in-one, insta-wrapping-station.

5. Greeting card organizer – Still my favorite, go-to tool for keeping track of greeting cards. 

6. Tabletop gift wrap tote w/ dowels and drawer

7. White Hinza tote – A fantastic way to corral gift bags.

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