8 Winning Ways To Organize Hair Accessories

October 16, 2018

Now, on the one hand, I feel as though I should provide fair warning that the subject matter of today’s post addresses a niche need. Then again, isn’t this entire operation overwhelmingly niche? Making such a disclaimer redundant? Great, then, now that we’ve got that settled, we can get on with it.

Little girls and their hair accessories are darling, we all (save those of us with cold, dead hearts) would agree. But strangely, unexpectedly, hair accessories are finicky to keep neat. I was personally reminded of this fact the other day, while in the closet belonging to two girls under the age of 10. A person basically doesn’t stand a chance at keeping things like headbands and hair bows in order without the specialized products meant to corral them, is the conclusion I came to (as I have every other time I’ve encountered hair accessories).

The good news, parent/guardian of the bowed up, headbanded humans, is that as soon as one has procured the necessary organizational tools, keeping hair-flair tamed becomes a feasible feat. And, what’s more, I’ve compiled your ultimate guide for tools meant to do just that.

You’re welcome. 

1. velvet headband holder

2. Stackable Clear Plastic Headband and Hairbrush Holder with Accessory Compartment and Lid

3. The Ultimate Headband Holder

4. Hanging hair bow and headband holder

5. 4-section acrylic swivel organizer

6. Acrylic hair care organizer

7. Grey Bestow Hanging Organizer

8. Bobby pin holder



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