“The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Out Your Closet”

April 18, 2018

Happy hump day, tulips.
I’m so excited to share that yours truly is featured over on Hello Giggles!

the biggest mistakes you make when cleaning out your closet, according to a professional organizer.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Hello Giggles is a lifestyle website and virtual community created by actress and musician Zooey Deschanel, writer Molly McAleer, and producer Sophia Rossi in 2011. In other words, it’s like a totally, important site.

The closet-centric story, produced (and animated via the perfect GIFS) by Anna Buckley, aims to uncover why and how people struggle with editing and organization of their wardrobes, and the best, most impactful ways to go about improving the situation.

All told, I feel pretty great about the piece, especially given that I wrote my answers while in the midst of celebrating my birthday, plucking my mom’s eyebrows, and power washing the wheelchair ramp in the Michigan spring snow (to prevent painful death by slippage) with my sis. Apparently, chaos can breed clarity for me.

So, head on over to Hello Giggles to read my advice, if you wish, or skip to the front of the line and register yourself for the closet editing masterclass before it’s too late.

All my love,

À bientôt,


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