Super(est) Stars For Organizing Small Closets

May 8, 2018

One of my dearest clients is about to pack up her large, family home and try on Apartment living for a year as her new home is being built. It’s a daunting prospect, both the leaving behind the familiar, and the having much, much less space in which to contain the contents of one’s life.

The ruthless re-editing of everything recently completed will go a long way towards ensuring they can live comfortably within their spatial means. But still, small spaces require an arsenal of tools to achieve maximum efficiency.

“Like what?” She asked me. “What should I get for the closets? Do I get a hangy thing? Or an under-the-bed-thing?”

Okay, okay, breathe. Let’s take it small closet space trick by trick.

1. closet rod expander – because a mandated long-hanging closet rod (which so many small spaces seem to possess) can be hugely inefficient, this guy instantly creates two short hanging sections, possibly doubling your closet’s capacity.

2. Over-the-door hamper – because you still need a place to park your dirty clothes, but you may not have the floor space to devote to a hamper.

3. hangers – people still ask me whether or not “those velvet hangers actually help to save space?” Ummm, hi. It’s 2018? YA-HUH they really do. So get on board the non-slip train if you haven’t already. Your small closet and your clothes will thank you.

4. clear stackable drawers: small // medium // large // extra large – I’m quite comfortable being a broken record about these drawers as of late. What can I tell you other than that I’m deeply passionate about them right now? I truly believe they’re the answer to a whole slew of organizational conundrums, small closet spaces included. Stack them up high; tower them down low; everything inside remains fully accessible.

5. stool – because you better be taking advantage of every inch of vertical space, which means storing things up higher than you can reach on your tip toes, and because this fact will be a major barrier of entry sans dependable method for accessibility. (In English I think thats: use the space if you can use a stool.)

6. glass stackers: lid // 13-section // 6-section // deep 4-section // deep 3-section – a small-space-friendly jewelry organizational system that’s still comprehensive enough to contain the whole of your bauble collection. Yes, it requires a surface on which to sit. But its profile is minimal compared to its capacity, which is dictated by you, thanks to its stackability.

7. under bed drawer – it will never be my favorite solution (the juju under your bed should ideally flow freely for optimal sexing and dreaming if you ask me), but if it cannot be avoided, I will not admonish you, so long as you use said under-bed space most responsibly by way of these.


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