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Live Simply In January: Clarity (& Happy New Year!)

  My mom has always insisted on one's right to enjoy the benefits of the hardship they endure (misfortune and fortune tend to go hand in hand). Like taking full advantage of the handicap license plate her MS affords us and perpetually parking in the most convenient spot of every parking lot. The last two years felt like some divine force had taken scissors to our concept of normal, cut it into confetti-sized pieces, and ...

Monthly Mantra: December 2021

I AM GRATEFUL FOR ALL THAT I HAVE, AND FOR ALL THAT IS ALREADY ON ITS WAY TO ME. I HAVE SO MUCH. I TRUST THAT THIS WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE.   Whether or not you've known it, you are abundant. You are a wealth of life, and you contain the same stuff as the stars. Abundance is for you because it is you. What prevents us from feeling abundant is fear; fear that we ...

Monthly Mantra: November 2021

  I LIVE WITH APPRECIATION. I LOOK FOR REASONS TO FEEL GOOD. I TAKE PLEASURE IN SIMPLE INDULGENCES.   What we look for, we find. What we direct our attention at expands. If we want to live in a contented state, we must look for reasons to feel good. What we choose to notice increases in importance, leading us to notice more things in that same vein. If we're on a negative track, we can ...

Monthly Mantra: October 2021

  "I UNDERSTAND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE THAT LASTING FULFILLMENT COMES THROUGH MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION AND GENUINE CONNECTION."   There is no shortcut or substitute for fulfillment, though that doesn't prevent us from trying. It doesn't help that marketers are in our ears, constantly toying with us by showing us images of people who seemingly have it all, posing with their product. "Surely, I must be able to buy this feeling," we think. "This skincare product ...

Monthly Mantra: September, 2021

  I KNOW THAT MY INTUITION IS THE SOURCE OF MY DEEPEST WISDOM. I PROMISE TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WHAT IT TELLS ME.   Beyond thoughts of career and relationship obligations, self consciousness, and anxiety, there is an instinctual knowing of what is and is not right for you. This natural feeling response is your intuition, and its operation is delightfully simple: it excites or shuts down in the presence or prospect of circumstances, ...


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