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Monthly Mantra: May 2021

"I SEEK TO ACHIEVE BALANCE IN ALL THINGS. I UNDERSTAND BALANCE IS FLUID AND REQUIRES THAT I CONSTANTLY RECALIBRATE."   Balance is elusive. Being in perfect alignment between two poles that command us to advance towards them with the falsely alluring songs of Too Much and Not Enough requires discipline and perspective. We have to keep our gaze fixed on the big picture, even as we make kajillions of minute decisions. In our pursuit of ...

Monthly Mantra: April 2021

  I AM HERE TO CULTIVATE, SHARE, AND PROTECT MY POSITIVE ENERGY. I ATTRACT OTHERS WHO ARE ON AN EQUAL FREQUENCY, AND OUR INTERACTIONS CREATE MORE ENERGY FOR BOTH OF US.   Beyond words, beyond body language, energy is what we're communicating to each other all the time. This energy is our true essence and the quality of our emotional intelligence. Words are what we hear, body language is what we see, but energy is ...

Monthly Mantra: March 2021

  "I AM BETTER, STRONGER, AND MORE INSIGHTFUL THAN I WAS YESTERDAY. I AM MORE ALIGNED WITH MY PURPOSE THAN I'VE EVER BEEN BEFORE."   For some, the pursuit of mastery may begin as an intuitive lure, an unconscious knowing about innate knack. For others, mastery begins with amateur curiosity: "I wonder if I could be good at this. I wonder if I could enjoy this." Either way, mastery is within all of our grasps. ...

Monthly Mantra: February, 2021

    "I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY THOUGHTS AND MY ACTIONS. BY DOING SO, I EMPOWER MYSELF TO CHOOSE AND BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY."   I am responsible for me. I am responsible to me. Everything I do and say, that's on me. And everything I think; that's me, too. I might like to pretend that my thoughts and behaviors are someone else's fault, or caused by some force outside myself, sometimes. "Your mom is crazy! You ...

Happy 2021 & Introducing The Live Simply Monthly Mantra Calendar!

  Welcome to 2021, and the Live Simply 2021 calendar! Each month of this year, in addition to a delightfully on-brand illustration (created for us by the illustrious Ariel Markowitz), we're giving you an intention word and a mantra to accompany it. Read it every morning. Read it multiple times per day if it resonates with you. Take a sharpie and write your own above mine. The point is to purposefully direct our minds through ...


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