About Live Simply by Annie

Live Simply by Annie is a pioneer professional organizing company which has been leading the industry for over a decade. Using Annie's preeminent method, Live Simply transforms even the most cluttered spaces and lives by resolving the root cause of clutter, paving the way for greater clarity and ease.

Live Simply has helped countless individuals around the globe, including celebrities, Fortune 500 CEO's, professional athletes and fitness moguls, social media superstars, and busy moms and dads, alike to resolve their clutter, establish healthy relationships with "stuff," and implement stylish and sustainable organizing systems.

By bringing to light the thoughts that have kept individuals trapped in the past, Annie’s method teaches that the key to freedom is found through disciplined essentialism, and through choosing the most direct, honest, and kind approach to communicating, relating, and living.

The Live Simply Method insists that home be your sanctuary, and that you are worthy of having a space and a life where reality, levity, and beauty co-exist in harmony.

About Annie

Annie Traurig was born with the ability to see order through clutter.

When Annie's home life morphed from idyllic to chaotic at 5 years old--the result of her mom being diagnosed with MS--Annie naturally assumed the role of family caretaker, designing paper systems, cooking family meals, and assisting with administrative tasks. Her intrinsic desire for beauty and efficiency were honed amid the increasingly tumultuous family environment. Moments of crisis-born-clarity taught her to abhor the burden of clutter, and to become a champion for ease.

She subsequently spent playdates organizing friends’ closets and packing their duffle bags for summer camp.

Friend’s parents--familiar with her work--began hiring her to help them, and Annie discovered that families everywhere sought to benefit from her knack for transforming chaos into calm. At twenty-two, Annie founded her professional organizing company, a venture which merged her two passions: writing and organizing. In doing so, Annie established herself as a pioneer in an industry few people had heard of at the time.

Now, Annie, professional organizer, Simplified Living expert, and author of the widely followed Live Simply Blog, remains committed to her mission to lighten the loads of people everywhere, from her many clients, to her international audience of loyal readers.

Annie’s work has been featured such places as Buzzfeed, Good Housekeeping, and House Beautiful, among many others.

Annie, a native Detroiter, is based in Seattle. She shares a refrigerator with dual-threat writer/ photographer megastar @2straws. She subsists on plants and chocolate, and is rarely seen sans electrolyte water. “Annie,” as it turns out, is just a nickname.

About The Live Simply Blog

With millions of views since its inception in 2011, the Live Simply blog is an unparalleled resource for readers seeking guidance on how to achieve beautifully organized spaces and blissfully Simplified lives.

Hundreds of thousands of loyal readers spanning the globe–from places as close as Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles, to as far away as Australia, Finland, India and Brazil–visit the blog daily to read about topics like storage solutions for specific items or areas, organizational tutorials, and strategies for solidifying priorities and achieving overall clarity and efficiency.