Imagine your space and mind freed from the burden of clutter. Imagine your priorities clarified and your daily routine streamlined. Imagine your home as your sanctuary. That vision becomes a reality through the Live Simply Method.


  • Makeover closets, desks, and shelves
  • Establish efficient kitchens
  • Institute effective entryway practices
  • Set up or streamline home offices
  • Sort and reduce paper piles
  • Create paper filing systems
  • Manage basements and storage areas
  • Arrange garages
  • Sort and catalogue photos, books, collectibles
  • Prepare and pack for travel


Become a savvy, selective Steward of Stuff with the help of the Live Simply Method.

Siphon out the essential from the extraneous and evaluate your belongings objectively.

Clarify your values and understand what you actually need to support your daily life.

Blast through the barriers that have convinced you to keep more than you need, buy more than you use, and save more than you savor.

With Annie's signature process, you'll finally feel as though you own stuff; it doesn't own you.



Others fold and color-code. We marry intentionality with physicality as we design bespoke organizing systems that are as intuitive as they are expert, and as elevated as they are easy.

Others organize. We translate your dynamics, routines, and preferences into a storage format that caters to your needs, delights your senses, and facilitates your life.

Others approach from a surface level. The Live Simply Method, through Annie's innate understanding of psychology, spatial flow, and aesthetics shifts your trajectory.

Experience living in a truly supportive environment. Discover the ease of readily accessing what you want and need. Live Simply.





Storage Design

Whether you’re embarking on a major remodel, or in need of a more useful closet layout, Live Simply loves to provide insight and expertise about optimal storage design.

We commonly collaborate with interior designers and custom closet companies to ensure you end up with a storage set up that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.


Live Simply Method moves are legendary among those in the know.

Called "life-saving" more times than we can count, Annie's signature, bespoke approach alleviates the woes normally associated with relocating.

Coordinating movers? We've got that covered. Editing your belongings? That's our magic sauce. Unpacking with a sense of urgency? We consider it an art form. Implementing beautiful organizing systems, intuitively arranged to enable your unique life rhythms? That's our decade plus, finely honed speciality.

Prepare to be dazzled by our dedication to your moved-in delight...