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Designing An Organizing System That Sticks

Just as not having enough of a clearly defined system can be the quickest path to chaos, having an overly complicated system can similarly derail...
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Your New, Smart Shopper Strategy

It will come as no surprise to my OG readers, or to anyone with half a brain, that consumer habits comprise a good, hearty third...
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9 Products Brilliantly Designed To Help You Get Your Cords Under Control

Cords used to be a problem for people, organizationally speaking. Back in the dark ages of technology, when no one knew a USB from a...
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Paperwork & Photo Scanners Make Keeping Hard Copies A Thing Of The Past

In the last couple of years, there's been a marked shift among my clients in regards to the keeping of hard copies. They don't want...
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12 Simple Tweaks To Avoid Accumulating Clutter From Shopping

1. Institute a strict no-buying-anything-from-the-impulse-purchase-section rule 2. Take a break from online shopping. Block any retail websites you're always perusing (make a loved one set...
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This One Simple Phone Call Could Save Us All Money…So Why Aren’t We Making It?

Today's post is off the cuff and spontaneous in nature, i.e. not what I had originally intended to publish. It goes like this: David, AKA...
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5 Fool-Proof Ways For Handling Leftover Foreign Currency

A couple of months ago, my best friend texted me a personal blog request: foreign currency. Truthfully, I'm shocked that in all these centuries of...
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12 Perfect Spring Cleaning Projects

1. Take a swiffer or a vacuum to those dust-filled air vents, filters, and fans.  2. Go a hunt for crumbs in your kitchen. You'll...
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Your Winningest Spring Cleaning Strategies // New Day Northwest

Happy Spring (officially)! My favorite season has arrived in Seattle. The bulbs I planted in the fall have grown lush, healthy leaves, and any day...
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