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Monthly Mantra: August 2020

Leisure is not innate to American society. We don’t build rest into our daily schedules. We are not in the habit of lingering around the dinner table long after the meal is finished. We rarely take mission-less strolls. Leisure is for young children, we think. Or, leisure is reserved for women of a certain socioeconomic circle who have no other obligations save for luxuriating and galavanting. Leaving time for leisure feels risky in a society ...

Monthly Mantra: July 2020

Forget success. Forget status. Do not aim to ascend the corporate ladder with greater speed than those before you. Do not try to attain "enoughness." Stop your endless quest to build yourself up into a person other people take note of, so great is your success and your status and your corporate ladder ascension. There are myriad external measures one can apply to oneself, each of which is more spiritually inconsequential than the next. But ...

Monthly Mantra: June 2020

  The worst car accident I've ever been involved in happened two years ago, one hundred feet from my front door. It was a slick, frosty morning, and the woman cruising downhill never saw me. We skated across the intersection together, tires slipping, metal gnashing, airbags popping. I spent the whole day afterwards in a state of dread and despair. I couldn't seem to pull myself out from under the weight of it. David and ...

Live Simply 2020: May Mantra

My sister and I, both diametrically opposed to being stopped, tried once to come up with an acronym for the phrase at which we worship: find a way to make it work. F-A-W-T-M-I-W. So you can see why that never became a thing. But our devotion to the concept remains. We know what you know, you who are equally intent on succeeding: the determined are rarely deterred. They hatch a plan, acknowledge no one but ...

Spring Favorites: 8 Essential Organizing Products

At the end of 2019, I compiled a list of the year's most impressive, effective, and impactful organizing products--the ones that rocked our worlds (and, by extension, our clients'). But then we did a big move project, we worked with several dream clients, we sourced supplies for endless storage areas, and the page that the list was written on was flipped. Fate and COVID-19 is granting the lucky among us with spare time on our ...


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