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How Will You Carry On?

  Daily frustrations, careless mistakes, unforeseen, unnavoidable crises, and even intentional, premeditated evils–these are all part of the human experience. There is no way to separate being alive from the challenges of life. Now that we’re more connected to the world at large than ever before, these hardships are inescapable. Everywhere you look is a circumstance that threatens to sink you. Over there is a tragic war, and over here is senseless suffering, and your ...

Harness The Power Of Rituals

    Whether or not you realize it or would like to admit it, if you’re an independent adult, your daily life is your design. The privilege of getting to divvy up a chunk of 24 hours into segments as you see fit is not one to be overlooked. If you’re like most of us, you feel compelled to do a few basic activities like eat, sleep, bathe, work, and move. But the way that ...

Unburdened, We Heal

  When we experience emotionally traumatic events, it’s tempting to dwell on our pain. Allowing ourselves the opportunity to process what we’ve lived through can be essential. “Did that really all happen?” We may want to ask ourselves. “Did it really happen the way I remember it did? Was it really as bad as I remember it being? What did it teach me?” The rehashing is necessary for clarity…until it isn’t. There comes a time ...

Here’s How Excellence & Editing Go Hand-In-Hand

    If you consistently follow through on your promises (show up when you say you will, deliver a work product by a deadline you’ve committed to, support someone through a challenging time, exercise and eat well consistently, manage your household thoughtfully) you’re already doing more than most. To be excellent, you need to give credence to the quality of your efforts (which is a way of acting in service to your future self) and ...

You Won’t Find It If You’re Not Looking…

I recently learned of the existence of “darkness retreats” wherein participants willingly deprive themselves of all light in order to experience a new appreciation for the beauty of sight. Not to undermine the sacrifice and profundity of such an experience, but summoning awe and reverence for something once you’re without it seems fairly easy. Counter-intuitive though it may seem, it requires much more insight and awareness to appreciate what you have while you have it. ...


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