Note To Self: Take More Initiative!

March 1, 2024


Even more invaluable than a truly helpful person is one who doesn’t wait to be asked for the help they provide, but who takes initiative. 

Initiative is where genuine care, proactivity, and confidence meet.

The person who takes initiative possesses a desire to contribute their skillset and ease the load of others to a level which supersedes what is merely expected of them. It isn’t just that they recognize where help is needed (lots of people can notice problems and feel absolutely uncompelled to do squat about them). Initiative-takers also place enough stock in their perceptions and abilities to bring issues to the attention of others and propose solutions to problems that only they may yet see.

To some extent, the request for help, itself, can be a task for which the most overloaded person doesn’t have the bandwidth.

The person who takes initiative understands that just because the request isn’t being made doesn’t mean the desire for a better solution doesn’t exist.

To take more initiative this month:


Value what you notice. 


In your family, at your work, in your social circle, and in your community. There may be dynamics at play that are un-evolved. There may be systems that are overly complicated. There may be policies that are exclusionary. There may be programs that are unappealing. There may be someone quietly suffering in silence who only you notice is in pain.


Gladly accept the opportunity to be helpful.


Don’t wait for someone else to address the matter, or assume someone more capable has already been tasked with identifying solutions. If you notice it, you may be just the person to solve it.


Be creative in your approach.

The old way of doing things doesn’t need to stand. The typical communication method may not be what’s called for. Channel your inner visionary to imagine a new way forward.


Confidently propose your ideas.


They may get dismissed, it’s true. It may not be the right time or place, or even the right solution. Then again, your contribution may be the difference between pain and healing, isolation and connectedness, dysfunction and optimization, and as such, may be immediately integrated. It may even be celebrated.


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