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Live Simply In 2019: December Mantra, Be Light

  After I moved out of my parents' house, there was a time when returning for visits was terribly depressing. Everything that’s hard about being there (chronic illness and the chaos that goes along with it) would smack me in the face upon entry, and I would wilt away like lettuce. Eventually, I realized my reaction wasn’t doing anyone any good, and I vowed from that moment on that I would bring the sunshine. Everything ...

Live Simply In 2019: November Mantra, Forgive Past Mistakes

  Forgiveness is a spiritual reset button. “Begin again,” Forgiveness instructs. Release the offenses incurred, the standards unmet, the judgments rendered. View the situation, or that person, or yourself with compassion. Remember that everyone, including yourself, is sorting through hardships, and (probably!) doing their best to play the hand given. Begin (forgive) again, and again, and again. Forgiveness isn’t a once-in-a-while thing. It needn’t be reserved for only the big time blunders. Forgiveness is an ...

Live Simply in 2019: October Mantra, Embrace Change

I can't be totally sure, but I've heard rumblings that there are people out there who naturally embrace change. The same thing over and over again starts to feel boring, stifling. They take it upon themselves to move to new cities, get new jobs, make drastic decisions at the hair salon. I envy those folks. When I was young, change felt like a betrayal, or like the sheepskin throw getting continually pulled out from under ...

Live Simply in 2019: September Mantra, Strive For Excellence

If perfection were possible, we would have attained it by now. If telling ourselves perfection is an impossible goal were enough to convince us to cease striving to attain it, we would have given up long ago. Yet so many of us (myself included) continue to want perfection, and live with the constant disappointment of it continuing not to show up, like a predictably flaky dinner guest. Expecting perfection is the ultimate cop-out. It’s a ...

Live Simply in 2019, August Mantra: Heed Your Intuition

My first introductions to intuition came from spiritual leaders and self-help writers. "Your intuition is that little voice inside you," they all told me. "It has all the answers." I took their explanations to mean that there ought to be an oracle dwelling within me, a psychic on constant speed dial who, from their descriptions, camped out somewhere in the pit of my stomach. Eventually, I realized that my intuition did have the answers. Just ...


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