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5 Step Recipe For Habit Consistency

  Aristotle (or maybe Will Durant) famously wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Since then, our species has been fascinated by habits. Good, bad; making them and breaking them. Our higher knowings against our lower desires, squaring off for eternity. I'm wretched at scientific reasoning, my mental math skills are embarrassing, and I'm really high-maintenance about getting my hair wet any place other than the ...

What Will You Pay Attention To In 2023?

  Attention is the intersection of time and energy, which makes it a highly precious resource. Yet so many of us (myself included!), don't treat it as such. We act frivolously with our attention. We give and withhold it without intentionality. And then we wonder why what we desire isn't showing up for us. Where our attention goes, energy flows. What we pay attention to is what we expand in our lives. What we neglect ...

Live Simply in December: Ease

Creating more ease in people's lives is at the core of my life's work. I know firsthand the ways challenges great and small are responsible for important mental, physical and spiritual growth. Still, I'm invested in creating greater ease because I also know that the more freed up each of us is (freed from the weight of excess, guilt, obligation, shame, judgment and so on), the more capable and contributory we are. Throughout my decade ...

Live Simply In November: Intention

  In the karmic equation that rules our lives, intention is the cause that ultimately creates an effect. When we consciously set an intention, we align ourselves with our authentic purpose and desire. On an unconscious and conscious level, we put forth the energy that’s required to bring about our intended outcome. Without intention, we're like aimless waifs, living to accomodate the needs of others before ourselves. We compromise our self worth, say yes to ...

Live Simply In October: Satisfaction

In life, there are the tasks we want to do and the ones we know we need to do. Most unfortunately, these two things often don't overlap. Like, you know you need to move your body, but what you want to do is become your bed. Or, you know you need to create an orderly, calming environment for yourself and your family but what you want to do is anything other than edit and organize. ...


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