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Monthly Mantra: October 2021

  "I UNDERSTAND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE THAT LASTING FULFILLMENT COMES THROUGH MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION AND GENUINE CONNECTION."   There is no shortcut or substitute for fulfillment, though that doesn't prevent us from trying. It doesn't help that marketers are in our ears, constantly toying with us by showing us images of people who seemingly have it all, posing with their product. "Surely, I must be able to buy this feeling," we think. "This skincare product ...

Monthly Mantra: September, 2021

  I KNOW THAT MY INTUITION IS THE SOURCE OF MY DEEPEST WISDOM. I PROMISE TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WHAT IT TELLS ME.   Beyond thoughts of career and relationship obligations, self consciousness, and anxiety, there is an instinctual knowing of what is and is not right for you. This natural feeling response is your intuition, and its operation is delightfully simple: it excites or shuts down in the presence or prospect of circumstances, ...

Monthly Mantra: August, 2021

  I LOOK FOR REASONS TO LAUGH. I FIND HUMOR EVEN IN ABSURD AND STRESSFUL MOMENTS.   They say non-attachment is a sign of the enlightened. And non-judgment. If those are, a sense of humor must be, too. Life is absurd. There's really no better way to refer to a reality where the concern about cellulite can coexist with cultural warfare, famine with frenemies, and genocide with "gubernatorial" (an undeniably funny sounding word). On the ...

Monthly Mantra: July 2021

  I DO THE RIGHT THING BECAUSE DOING RIGHT FEELS GOOD.   My sister and two of her colleagues have recently been vying for a promotion at work. The process has entailed Zoom interviews (shudder) and lots of inter-staff chatter. This manager talks to this manager who talks with their other manager, who eventually presents the candidates to the Big Boss. His response: from out of the three of them, my sister has the most ...

Monthly Mantra: June 2021

  "I HAVE FAITH IN MY ABILITY TO FIND ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS BEING ASKED OF ME."   Some days, I feel stymied by the questions I'm asking myself. I feel like shouting, "I DON'T KNOW, DUMMY. I'M THE ONE ASKING THE QUESTION, SO I OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE THE ANSWER!" That shuts me up for a minute. But pretty soon I'm back at it, wondering what angle I'm missing or why I seem to have ...


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