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Live Simply In August: Play

For years, I sported what could only ever have been referred to as an ugly, dumb, digital, sport-style watch. To others, it must appeared in stark contrast with the rest of my intentionally put-together look. But there was one crucial reason why I willingly downgraded the style score of my wrist: the watch produced a polite but noticeable "beep-beep" on the hour. It was loud enough that it got my attention, prompting me to pause ...

Live Simply In July: Magnetism

You know those people who seem to be winning at life? They're successful in business, they have flourishing family lives, and they radiate positive energy. You just know that wherever they go and whatever they try their hand at, fortune and ease will follow. These people don't possess special ingredients you lack. They may even be challenged in similar ways that you are. They may have overcome adversity, or they may have had every advantage ...

Live Simply in June: Generosity

When raising money for various causes, people are wont to imploringly remind us, "If you can't give with your money, give with your (fill in the blank)." Said in that context, the request for gifts in other forms can come off as cringey (like, we all know what you really want). But money is just one out of seemingly endless ways to give. And not merely to support special causes; living with a generous spirit ...

Live Simply In May: Decisiveness

There are no wrong decisions. I'll say that again: there are no wrong decisions. You cannot choose wrongly, because either way, you benefit. If you make a decision and the outcome is exceedingly positive, you will have moved your life forward and will feel victorious. If you make a decision and the outcome is seemingly negative, you will have earned yourself an important lesson, and thus, moved your life forward. The key to being able ...

Live Simply In April: Expansion

It's easy to stay small. It's comfortable to keep being the person you've known yourself to be, with the characteristics those around you have always said define you. The older you get, the more you can begin to believe that who you are now is all you'll be. Acceptance can morph into resignation, which is dangerous territory. Despite how challenging it can feel at times, it's crucial you remember that you are designed to change. ...


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