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Live Simply 2020: April Mantra

There is never a perfect moment. The world is never without strife. The universe is never devoid of suffering. Lately, it's felt as if there is more hardship and anguish than normal. Communities are united in collective grief, with fear gripping the globe. Yet we are no less in charge of what we choose to focus on, and no lesser equipped to keep perspective. Now, more than ever, we must consciously channel positivity and hope. ...

Live Simply 2020: March Mantra

  It is so easy to stop. It’s easy to give up and give into the desire to be lazy. It’s infuriating, really, how easily exemplary slips back into mediocre. It takes just a handful of choices; fewer, probably. A closet’s beautifully organized status begins to be undone with a single garment not put back in its proper place. The physique achieved through daily exercise begins to diminish with one missed workout. The path towards ...

Live Simply 2020: February Mantra

  In almost every couple Live Simply has worked with, there is one person who tends to be more inclined to organization, and one who is less. There is one person excited to plow ahead with growth and progress, and one person dragging their feet and protesting to varying levels of severity. Yin and yang. Disciplined and laid back. Orderly and messy. Attentive to detail and distracted. This is never a problem. One determined person ...

Live Simply 2020: January Mantra

  It doesn't matter what goals or resolutions you set, dreams you launch, ideas you create, or relationships you make; it is inevitable that at some point or other, you're going to screw it up. I know, I know; it's the first month of the year new--of the new decade!--and the blankness of the slate laying before us is so sparkly white that my hinting at a blemish may make you cringe. Only, it's the ...

Live Simply In 2019: December Mantra, Be Light

  After I moved out of my parents' house, there was a time when returning for visits was terribly depressing. Everything that’s hard about being there (chronic illness and the chaos that goes along with it) would smack me in the face upon entry, and I would wilt away like lettuce. Eventually, I realized my reaction wasn’t doing anyone any good, and I vowed from that moment on that I would bring the sunshine. Everything ...


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