7 Super Compact Recycling & Trash Receptacles For Small Spaces

September 18, 2018

Small spaces make situating most things a bit trickier, and trash and recycling receptacles are no exception. Actually, finding space for said receptacles is often difficult even in not-that-small-spaces. I’m not sure why, other than maybe they’re the bottom of the storage food chain.

Much to the chagrin of zero waste proponents, disposal of used materials continues to play a major role in most everyone’s daily life. Without a system in place, trash and recycling can feel like the biggest pain in a small space dweller’s life.

But blessed be the product manufacturing gods, because there are plenty of receptacles perfectly sized for modest living quarters–you just have to know where to find them, which ones are decent, and you have next to no time to devote to researching recycling containers (I’m just guessing here).

So, I’ve done the work for you. Voila and pitch-it and all that jazz:

7 Super Compact Recycling & Trash Receptacles For Small Spaces

1. Sort & Go Recycling bins – The perfect solution for small space disposal, these handy bins feature removable lids, grippy bottoms, and handles for easy transport. Plus, they’re not only stackable but can be wall-mounted (or cabinet-door mounted), and they come in two sizes and four colors. Beat that.

2. Simplehuman 1.2 gallon step can – This can is a miniaturized version of what you’d expect from the best large kitchen garbage. Respectable capacity (for being so small); very functional step and close system. I have two in my master bathroom–one for trash and one for recycling. Just saying.

3. 10 gallon Simplehuman rectangular can – This can is as slim as it gets (10″), but still manages to pack a punch with a two-section, 10 gallon capacity.

4. Pull-out trash and recycling– It should come as absolutely no surprise to see this winner included on this list. It’s an all-star, has been mentioned here too many times to count, and is generally worth its salt and then some when it comes to disposal in small spaces. (P.S. what does that expression even mean?? Worth its salt? And did I even use it the way it’s meant to be used??)

5. Clear stackable storage & recycling bins – For those of you who need more delineation within the recycling category (ahem states where you can return bottles for $$), these bins are a godsend. They look clean and sleek, and save on floor space by stacking.

6. 8 gallon step can – Iconic, adorable, with a color for everyone, and yes, this is a trash can I’m describing. This round step can is taller than it is wide, meaning that it manages to feel perfectly petite, while still having a fairly large capacity.

7. Slim rectangular can with handle – For those extremely limited on space (apartment dwellers, zero waste homies, RVs, etc.), these little cans are fantastic. They don’t hold a lot, but they’ll fit in most cabinets, and they’ll be easy to tote to and fro a larger receptacle thanks to the built-in handles. Also, they come in lots of colors, so there’s that.

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