The 8 Most Effective Tools You Need To Obliterate Your Moth Problem

October 10, 2017

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about how to get rid of moths permanently. Four years minus twenty-ish days later, and I’m back writing about the same topic. I might as well just quote myself; save the effort of penning a new opener, right?

“It must be that time of year, because everyone and their Pumpkin Spiced Latte has been asking me about moths, and how to get rid of them…”

Yeah, well it’s that same time and year, and moths are once again the hot (detestable) topic. During a recent closet edit, I had the unhappy job of informing my client about several newly incurred holes in her favorite sweaters.

During a recent kitchen blast, I opened a drawer and let loose a moth, causing my client to spontaneously erupt, “SHIT, WAS THAT A–” before darting around the corner, hot on its trail. “WE’VE BEEN HAVING A MOTH ISSUE. BUT I THOUGHT–” Slam.

Two days later, I had a consultation with a new client. I took one look in her closet and read moth-prevention all over it.

Moths are more than a nuisance. They’re true pests whose main MO is to chow down on wool sweaters and panko breadcrumbs. But luckily, they can be stopped. I swear.

I have gleaned a respectable amount of insight on the subject of moths over the years (one of the stranger side effects of my work, which I never would have anticipated myself being knowledgable in or writing about). In my experience, the key for eradication is the thoroughness of your approach.

A trap alone will not solve the problem. A cedar ball by its lonesome won’t either. You must attack on all fronts in order to be successful, and let’s be very clear about this: “all fronts” begins with a meticulous, intensive Cleaning with a capital C.

The storage area (cupboard, closet, dresser, etc.) must be thoroughly cleaned, and the contents (if they’re clothing items) must also be cleaned.

Then, you hit those buggers with everything you’ve got. This heretofore will include a combination of:

The 8 most effective products to obliterate a MOTH problem.


1. Wondercide All-Purpose Organic Home & Garden Insect Control

2. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Cedar

3. Moth Away Herbal Sachets

4. Earthkind Stay Away Moths

5. Catchmaster Moth And Pantry Pest Trap

6. Cedarline Natural Cotton Canvas Zippered Sweater Bag

7. CedarFresh Clothes Protector and Moth Repellent Storage Accessories

8. Cedar hangers


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  1. […] week, we talked ways to win in the fight against moths, pests that really typify that whole straw-camel-back […]

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  1. […] week, we talked ways to win in the fight against moths, pests that really typify that whole straw-camel-back […]

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