Weekend Assignment: Fall Yard Clean Up

November 5, 2015

Regardless of how unconcerned the guy working at Home Depot tool rental was about a single other soul coming in to rent out their power washer during the very last week of October in Michigan, I say the time is now to get your toots outside and handle whatever needs to be handled out there.

It’s not just me–a couple of my clients this past week have had the same thought, and thus I’ve spent much of the week so far very, very dirty and necessarily treading just a bit cautiously because spiders.

If you catch late autumn on one of her good days, with a couple of rays sneaking out here and there it isn’t even all that bad, or cold. But when the sun sets and you’re power washing your parent’s deck in the dark and your ninth-grade jeans are soaked up to your thighs by now it gets very cold indeed, and you might even loose feeling in your toes for a couple of hours afterwards or days.

It’s time to batten down the hatches; I don’t know how else to break this to you: it isn’t about to get any warmer or more conducive for outdoor work any time soon.

A must for anyone with a yard--add outdoor/garden clean up to your weekend itinerary.

So like what should I do?

  1.  Collect all the balls and bats and mallets that have been splayed around the yard. Also gather up any lone scooters, pogo sticks, and the like.
  2. Collect any planters whose inhabitants have withered away to nothing; any remaining empty packaging bits from your gardening days.
  3. Wind up the hoses.
  4. Look out for any things that are going to become reservoirs of water that can be avoided, like watering cans, wagons, and so on. Bring movable items like these under cover. For more permanent fixtures like bird baths, bring a cover to them.
  5. Attend to actual yardwork: blow the leaves, clean out the gutters, lay down a fresh layer of mulch in the garden, mow the lawn, etc.
  6. Close up shop on the grill for the season; clean it off, take the tools inside.
  7. Take patio furniture cushions inside if you haven’t already.
  8. And/or bust out your outdoor furniture covers.
  9. Schedule a firewood delivery.
  10. Plant bulbs for the spring.

Any tasks you’d add to the list?? Any plans to tackle any or all of these?? Spill beans.

Oh and hey, my apartment-dwelling, non-outdoor-owning buddies? There are plenty of other things you can do inside, don’t you worry. (Look down.)

Image credit: pioneer woman: moa aberg by ben weller for uk harper’s bazaar july 2014 via visual optimism

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