The Top Three Things NOT To Do When Editing Your Belongings

January 31, 2018

Framing matters in terms of Worst Practices has a funny knack for effectively communicating a point. So today, in the hopes of gaining access to your brain via a different route than normal, I’m listing off the top 3 things NOT to do when editing your belongings.

What NOT to do when editing your belongings.


Just as being indecisive and moving at a glacial pace works against your making progress when editing, making rushed, careless decisions can also come back to bite you in the butt.

When I’m working with clients, my goal is never speed, first and foremost. My purpose is to facilitate thoughtful, intentions decisions about the applicability of various items to their lives. Does it help move the project along if they’re able to make swift, confident decisions? Yes. But at the end of the day, I would rather a person makes three dozen carefully considered decisions than thirty dozen harried ones.

Rushing is another form of avoidance, in this case, and ultimately, does not help you to really face the problem head on, commit to the choices you’re making for yourself, and accept responsibility for them down the road.


A bird alights, does a little bit of pecking, moves on to another spot, peck peck, and so on. Picking away randomly at various piles in a haphazard, first-thing-you-see fashion is not the way to edit properly.

Bird-editing is another way in which people avoid truly tackling a job in its entirety. Sure, the random castoffs you select help to lighten the load. But the far more effective Live Simply Method insists that you be thorough in your approach. Dig out all the scarves from wherever they’re lurking, and then consider them against each other.



While you are editing, it is essential that you stay focused on releasing stewardship of items, full stop.

When you try to mico-manage the release by brainstorming a family member or friend you could give the item to, rather than Simply donating it, you restrict your own freedom. You prevent yourself from entering the flow state of graceful giving and receiving, wherein you believe the universe will correct itself, that your needs are now, and will be, taken care of, and that–let’s be real–the people you know aren’t the ones who may most benefit from what you have to give away.

Besides, giving things away to friends and family comes with its own headaches.


Curious about what else NOT to do when editing? Come back next week for the rest of the list.

And if you need more guidance navigating the art of editing, be sure to check out the Live Simply Closet Edit Masterclass (registration is currently open!). 


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  1. […] Last week, we talked about three major things to avoid doing at all costs while in the process of editing your belongings. […]

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  1. […] Last week, we talked about three major things to avoid doing at all costs while in the process of editing your belongings. […]

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