Weekend Assignment: The Linen Closet

June 25, 2015

You might want to go ahead and cancel Sunday brunch or Saturday flea-ing right now, cause I’ve got the hottest weekend invite just for you.

Just the motivation needed to finally tackle that linen closet!

Where it is: your linen closet. Linen drawer. Linen cupboard. Wherever you keep whatever you’ve got–no judgment.

Who’ll be there? Well, there’ll be you. And the trash bags you’ll come equipped with! And. Well, this is really more of a solo party, to be honest.

The activities: Hum to yourself while you gather every scrap of linen from around your quarters and collect them in a central sorting spot.

Play the matching game, in which you put all the beach towels with the beach towels and the duvet covers with the duvet covers and the sheets with the sheets. I can feel that you’re going to be a winner!

Pick your prize(s). Sort through each pile and discard the linens that are haggard, stained, have gaping holes, have pills so large they’d act as exfoliators if ever you rubbed your body against them, no longer reflect your style, make you sweat the bed, remind you of your ex’s snoring problem, AND SO ON. The prize is yours for the picking! Pick the ones you love out of the ones you don’t.

Warm up those guns cause you’re about to get your fold on. Grab a partner if you need to, but fold those linens so tenderly I’d swoon.

Put them back beautifully and then it’s time to say your goodbyes. The only thank you’s required will be to the departing linens, which you’ll put into a bag and send on their way. Away from you. Most humane societies accept linens and pillows and blankets for donation, FYI.

Did you enjoy your time? Well then, be sure to tell your friends and send ’em on down our way. We throw one hell of a Live Simply part-ay.


Psssst, for more help with how to organize that linen closet, check this out. 

If you’re hung up about potentially disrupting linen sets this guy is for you. 

Don’t forget that towels need love too

Image credit: Country Living



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