Weekend Assignment: Tackle That Medicine Cabinet

January 22, 2015

I read something by an organizer who said that she was getting rid of all medicines because she didn’t intend to get sick. Perhaps I’m not that advanced in my manifestation/intention skills, but I happen to think that having a few wellness potions on hand isn’t necessarily a bad idea. I mean, sometimes we get sick, right? Or burned, cut, etc.?

That said, I can’t tell you the loads of expired medicine, vitamins, cold and flu treatments, pain relief, and on I have hauled out of people’s bathrooms. It makes sense: you got sick 2 years ago, bought something to treat the sickness, got well, and then went on with your life. Or you decided you were going to start religiously taking dandelion root, made a special trip to Whole Foods to fetch it and then never broke the bottle’s seal. Oh, and that was four years ago.

And then this other time you pulled out a few capsules of something or other and then didn’t return them to the box and now, although they aren’t expired, you have no idea what they are. Like a lollipop mystery flavor!

Or, you’re out of band aids, your Neosporin tube smells like feet, and you can’t find an aspirin or some arnica to save your life.

getting organized one project at a time! This weekend's assignment: the medicine cabinet.

So here’s what:

This weekend, your assignment is to whip your medicine cabinet/first aid kit into shape. 

-Empty out the contents of your first aid kit/medicine cabinet/kitchen vitamin drawer/linen closet medicine bin.

-Get rid of any expired products.

-Take note of first aid essentials you’re missing and go out and procure them.

-Then put it all back in a manner more lovely than you found it.

That’s it.


psst: for help on what to do with prescription pills, check out this post.

For detailed instructions on the medicine cabinet fix, scope this one.

And for some rulings in the first aid department, take a gander here.


If you do decide to tackle the assignment, please share on all the social medias using the hashtag #livesimplybyme

Forces be with you and such and so on!

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