Monday’s Meditation: On What You Need To Hear Today, 2/18

February 26, 2018

What do you need to hear today?

What words would lighten your burden and make you unblock your heart?

Maybe you’re feeling stagnant and predictable. Maybe you’ve been ordering the same drink at your coffee shop for the last four years, you’ve been driving the same way to work every day for seven, and you’ve been reacting to your mom’s annoying comments the same way since you entered puberty. Maybe you’re feeling boxed in by your own conception of self, and you wish you had a reason to need to reevaluate. Guess what? You’re always allowed to change your mind, your drink, your route, and your behavior, no matter how long your track record. All it takes is a willingness to surprise yourself.

Maybe you’re downright furious about the state of the world. Maybe you’re spending your nights in front of the television, or your mornings in front of your computer, horrified by the mounting bad news. Guess what? Even responsible, informed citizens are allowed to take a break from the Breaking News. Now’s probably a grand time for you to step away, and do something to attend to the business of lifting your spirits.

Maybe you’ve fallen into the trap of comparison; it isn’t hard these days, when comparison-traps abound. Maybe you’re making yourself wrong for not having achieved as much as her, or lost as much weight as him, or created a social circle like them. But guess what? Comparison to others is bullshit. The only sensible thing to do is use your past self as a measure of progress.

Maybe you’ve started to believe that without your screens you’d be a stubby, little wart version of yourself, one with the productivity of turtles wading through really thick mud, bored to death. But maybe unplugging for a moment would remind you that you’re alive.

Maybe you’re stuck, paralyzed by the fear of how difficult it will be to make the changes in your life that you so desperately want to carry out. But guess what? Between you and what you want is not a wall, not even a hurdle, but a cloud. A smoke screen. 

Maybe you just need to hear that when you want something badly enough, every problem is solvable.

Maybe you’re staring forlornly out the window, blaming bad weather for your crumby mood, and doubting whether you’ll ever enjoy the outdoors, or your life, again. But then you remember: It’s almost always the moment right before the breaking point that miracles occur, not a second before. Your patience is about to pay off, and when it does, it’ll be even more glorious than you could have imagined.


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