8 Inspiring No Coat Closet Entryways

February 5, 2014

Lest you are living under the false supposition that lacking a legitimate coat closet precludes you from creating a semblance of entryway organization, well, think again my friends.

Today I shall present to you 8 closet-less cases that are nonetheless winning at the entry game. Be inspired! Be fearless! Etc.

1. House Tweaking will provide us with our first example. As we’ve covered previously, a wardrobe is essentially an independent closet. If space allows, I’d say you’d be silly not to sink one in your landing.

Who needs the real deal after that, you know?

2. Tara Ballantyne‘s solution is mighty fine, indeed. A wall mounted cubby unit with attached clothes rod ensures that the whole of the wall space is utilized (ahem, picture the long coats hanging down).

3. If you were seeking proof of the fact that often the most obvious solution is the best one, look no further than numbero three.

A long hook rack provides ample hanging space for garments and bags, while a boot tray below clearly designates the spot for shoes.

(Source: Blueprint Magazine via The City Sage.)

4. Same same as above, but different. Here’s a slightly more modern take on the abundance of hooks in lieu of a coat closet via IKEA Family.

Note: this set up must be policed stringently in order to avoid over-accumulation of familiar articles.

5. The clothing rack is sure to be a safe bet where closet absences are concerned. This version, by Simplified Building, is wall mounted and connected by way of a basket. Two options for hanging plus a home for shoes and hats and such, too. The things people think of nowadays!

6. But ain’t nothin’ wrong with a free standing one, neither. No sir.

7. I love this streamlined wall-mounted system captured by Norrgavel. Really, it has everything one could hope for: shelves, hanging rod, hooks, not to mention a mirror in order to give yourself the once-over prior to exiting. Go ahead, take a peek, you foxy thing you.

8. Finally, in what is perhaps the cleverest solution of the bunch in my opinion–I give you the free-standing entryway storage unit (via Style At Home). 1. It divides the room, distinguishing the entry from the living room. 2. It features living room-y things on that side (read: TV), while across the wood divide there are hooks and cubbies for coats and co. Now that’s smart thinking.


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