10 Times Tidier In The Entryway: Coat Hook Racks

February 20, 2018

It’s no accident that coat hooks and kindergarten are synonymous; the necessity of outer garments begins at birth, and even humans with somewhat newly developed fine motor skills can operate a hook and a hood or collar successfully.

And just as a kindergarten class would turn into a cluster faster than you can say “tie my shoes” were it to be sans coat hooks, so, too, does a home without a properly appointed place to hang one’s things turn into a dumping-ground-by-the-front-door.

A hook or two located door-adjacent is an essential storage instrument, no matter the weather, the time of year, or the age of the people coming and going.

And listen, having a wall-mounted coat rack doesn’t have to communicate an elementary style. A well appointed version will merely suggest to your family and friends something other than “Dare you to find an item of furniture not already blanketed in coats to lay yours on.”

1. Aged Brass Hook rack

2. Cast iron hook rack

3. Zinc 4 hook rack

4. Aged Brass Hook rack

5. Metal 5 Hook rack

6. wall mounted 6 hook rack

7. Zinc accordion rack

8. Afteroom Wall Mounted coat rack

9. 8-peg rack

10. 6-peg rack


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