Boot Trays For Entryways 2017

October 25, 2017

As if the time of sunset, growing increasingly earlier by the day, and return of The Rains in Seattle weren’t indication enough, yesterday, while in the midst of a closet edit, my nose started bleeding. I clutched the blood-soaked tissue to my nostril as I parted the red designer-shoe-sea. Standing in front of the bathroom sink, in that old, familiar, wait-the-clot-out posture I’ve held so many times before throughout my life, it hit me: winter is coming.

Nosebleeds mean cold and cold means rain and sleet and mud and snow. And this is how you contrive to link dry nasal membranes and broken blood vessels with boot trays for entryways. Sensical, friends, that’s what this post is.

And since a good thread of sense is always better if followed with another, more sensible proposition, I say next unto you that arming your entryways with a tray made for muddy, wet shoes and boots to land on is the order of the day.

Rubber, zinc, galvanized metal, and teak. These trays are the way you’ll ensure your floor doesn’t warp from wetness, and the way you’ll prevent your house from getting tracked with mud, leaf-debris, and those little pebbles that end up sneaking their way into the crevices of all footwear.

Keep them just outside the door, smack dab in the entryway, or cleverly situated in your mudroom. Get your Rotisserie & BBQ promo-style on. “Set it and forget it!”


The best boot trays for entryways.


1. Rolling iron boot tray

2. Galvanized Zinc Boot Tray

3. Large shoe & boot tray

4. Coconut Fiber boot tray

5. Zinc boot tray with liner

6. Copper boot tray

7. Teak mat

8. Esme Stripes doormat


But whatever you do, don’t believe the hype about nose-cauterization. That shit never works.

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