Weekend Assignment: Take Back The Handbag!

November 6, 2014

Just the motivation you need to get that handbag organized once and for all! Pin it and DO IT!

I know, I get it; life is so busy! Hectic! Full of errands and carpool and Walgreens commercials on Spotify! Next to your energy level, the item that takes the brunt of it most is your bag.

Man or woman, handbag or business satchel, our bags are our home-away-from-homes. They’re the place we put all the things that aren’t the ones we put in the house because we need them whilst away from it. It only follows that their organizational state would closely rival, albeit in miniature, that of an actual busy household.

The good news is that in a matter of hours the end of the “workweek” (whatever, I am right?) will dawn, giving your the perfect opportunity to attend to this weekend’s assignment: take back the bag!

You can sit while you do it if you like. Hell, get a pedicure mid-process, so long as you have control of both armchair-tables and request a trashbin be pulled up tub-side. But take that baby back.


– Get rid of the garbage

– Give the empty bag a good upside-shake

– Sort the remaining contents

– Carry on

For those of you seeking a more detailed explanation of how to go about the handbag-take-back process, look to this here post.

Plus, how to clean it.

and, while you’re at it equip your bag with the essentials.

Bags made beautiful due Monday 8am, which really means Sunday at 8pm. Snappy, snappy.

Also don’t text and drive and be great byeeee!

Image credit: Jamie Beck 

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