Top 6 Monday’s Meditation Posts of 2017 (Part 1)

December 18, 2017

Welcome to the annual top blog posts of the year!

As we do, we’re bidding adieu to another year of Live Simply, the blog, by looking back at the posts you made the most popular, most read, and most shared.

After seven plus years of writing this dang thing, I’m certain of one thing: it’s practically impossible to predict which messages are going to fall flat, and which are going to spread like wildfire frosting on a cake. Like spilled milk on a countertop. Like…something that spreads easily and rapidly and does not make light of current climate woes.

In the end, it’s largely a crapshoot, which makes tabulating the stand-outs that much more illuminating (and occasionally amusing).

For the next two weeks, a concise list of stand-out blog post stars will be yours to peruse. Revisit posts that struck a cord. Read posts you missed during the year. Bask in a Live Simply glow. And pretty please, if you’re so inclined, pass your favorites along to people you care about.

Thank you from the bottom of my Annieheart from being such loyal readers, such beautiful articulate commenters, and such glorious people (as far as I can ascertain), in general.

On with it!

This year, I’m compiling the top 6 Monday Meditations posts; three this week, and three next week. (Which means if you really want to catch the super stars in this category, you’ll have to come back next Monday, suckas!)

The most popular meditations of 2017, according to our readers!

6. Monday’s Meditation: On Why Hard Things Happen To Good People


The most popular meditations of 2017, according to our readers!

5. Monday’s Meditation: On Saying What Needs To Be Said, Even When It’s Hard


The most popular meditations of 2017, according to our readers!

4. Monday’s Meditation: On Why You Need To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself




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