Spotlight on Westbrook Interiors

February 7, 2014

Happy Friday peaches.

Today on the docket we’ve got the work of Atlanta design firm, Westbrook Interiors. Who’s Westbrook, you’re wondering? I thought you might ask…


Oh, there’s Barbara Westbrook, herself, seated in her studio and looking like the absolute hybrid of darling and elegant.

But, let’s get a wee better look at that studio, shall we?


Oh, right, it’s completely unbridled glory is what it is. The baskets with the labels, with the built-ins, with the organization, with the contemporary clean white with the rustic wood table and without the cat! (Allergies. Bad.) Dearest Barbara, I bow to you and your castle of design.

You might be curious about work she’s done for other people, and on that note I’ll tell you: Barb W. took the spaces seen in the following two images from very much 19th century general store to very much glamorous loft, is what she did.



There’s a cat thing happening here…

Below, a chic vignette to knock ones knees together at, if you like I have developed a soft spot for vintage trunks and essential reading lists.


A slight descent into a more moody atmosphere, but moody in a good way, in the best way. Moody like meditative, not broody. I sort of adore those rustic wood ledges stretching the length of the wall, populated with an ever so refined assemblage of photographs.


Below, a dining space that looks so good and almost definitely hurts so bad-those chairs, Barbara, my butt.


The obligatory and gloriously white, bright kitchen:


While a softer hue closes us out.


From my heartiest heart, thanks for visiting my section of the interwebs. I do hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.

And now it’s off to weekends for all of us, and may they be filled with never-ending chocolate, small acts of kindness, and other stuff we love. BYEEE.

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