Spotlight On Stefani Stein Inc

September 12, 2018

Here’s the thing: Stefani Stein is what we need right now.

I tried writing why that’s so a hundred (four) different ways, but each of them was bleaker than the last, and I can’t stand to lead with that. Sometimes, (all the time) the best course of action is to cut to the chase by saying only: Trust me; Stefani Stein is what we really need right now.

Sure, emergency support to thwart the best intentions of impending hurricanes would help, and increased political harmony, and much, much more kindness in general, but also: Stefani Stein.

Why? Because Stefani Stein creates pockets of interior beauty in a contrasting world. It’s probably her superpower (add to the list of things we need: more people exercising their superpowers). And today, we need some really beautiful rooms to scroll through.

As we do, let us take a moment to appreciate the power of a lone-but-no-less-potent color accent to spice up a space. To wonder why no one else until now has thought to park as big and black a vanity in a marble/white/brass bathroom as Stein did. To re-contextualize the mudroom as a sanctuary for both humans, and pets, and laundry. And to remember that it’s the white walls that bring out the Cobalt blue of a chair, and it’s the blue in the chair that emphasizes the cherry of the lips wallpaper, and it’s the redness of those lips that bring out the teal of the statues (this is fun, right? Like Interiors-Blog-I-Spy?). And it’s the overall composure of seemingly distinct elements and styles that merge together to create the pattern of a super stylish, slightly Californian, classic-but-modern design.


In conclusion: What we really need today is Stefani Stein and her superpower and yours and mine, and kindness (still), and sleep (I do, now).

And in the words of Youtube darling Grace Helbig, “Other than that, I don’t know!”


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