Spotlight on Tim Cuppett Architecture

November 15, 2013

If this was the summer of beach houses, than this autumn might just be that of the farm/lake house. Can you blame me? It must surely be in response to some primeval inclination to draw oneself nearer to warm and comfort as the temperatures steadily drop.

Today we have the brilliance of Tim Cuppett Architecture, a sort of design chameleon in my eyes. Like, this post starts out in the barn and ends up wearing the fancypants.

This space is just right– bright and white, but with those paneled sloped ceilings that unmistakably read “modern farmhouse.”

Here, it’s the paneled walls that communicate the farm vibe, although their high gloss, almost lacquer finish swoops in again to reassure you of the update.

I ask you now: what’s better than built-ins stocked with perfectly mis-matched dishes? You’re right; it’s built-ins painted in a striking hue, stocked with perfectly mis-matched dishes, equipped with a rolling ladder for easy access.

A dark and rawther moody space for reading and/or sulking:

And a white kitchen for eating and/or admiring the unique positioning of open shelving.

Here, Tim C. takes us slightly closer to the land of mid-century–evidently not too close as to repel me.

For I ask you: have you seen anything cooler than that window to the stairs??

It’s this porch that shall serve as the perfect segway from farmhouse…

to farmhouse fancy.

See how Cuppett pulls off that switch? Remarkable, these designers, I tell you.

But listen, can I interest you in a game of Connect 4?

The dressing room. Clothing carefully encased in glass, and shoes sitting at attention on shelves painted not-the-slightest-bit-bashful-blue.

That color continues into the eating area, though in a slightly richer hue. Note the whole “just enough is plenty” thing happening below.

And to close, a couple of hallways that manage to straddle the line between high class snobbery and down home modesty.

I approve; you?

Thanks for reading and not smoking and also for not wearing those toe shoes that severely creep me out and also for spreading the Simple Love.





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