Spotlight on Suzanne Kasler

December 20, 2013

Most weeks I’m actually able to progress past the designer’s studio and onto their various professional projects. Hardly so with Suzanne Kasler, whose design studio featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle just about put me in diabetic shock (I don’t have diabetes).

It’s lush with light and punctuated by a modest assortment of perfectly appealing decorative elements. It’s feminine without being overtly ovulatory, and it appears rawther impeccably organized, though the order is soft around the edges, like Live Simply colored just slightly outside of the lines.

There’s a whole lot of mirroring of shapes happening here, from the mirrors to the lamp, to that stupidly pretty screen.

How wouldst I waitest happily in thy sitting area for ages, Lady Kasler.

If that was a sampler this is the seven course meal:

I love the very subtle play of textures and tones here. The table and chairs are clean and sleek, while that bear of a dark hutch goes a long way towards adding an established, professorial vibe, like, don’t mistake us, we didn’t start doing this yesterday. That wall of labeled baskets softens the whole space up.

A gloriously “in progress” work station. Can’t you just feel the glow of the design gods, smiling down on all its worker bees?

Would that I could borrow Miss Frizzle’s shrink ray I would make myself miniature enough to perch comfortably on the twin chairs yonder.

I should never have doubted that an inspiration board in Casa del Kasler (office, I kid) would strike the optimal balance between inspiring and and overloaded.

You know, her books and whatever.

And the full space in all its revelry:

Oprah bravado LUVVVV ITTTTTT

And now, a meager sampling of client work, so as not to forsake you.

Enjoy your weekend, darlings. Make something from scratch, treat yourself to something you’ve been pining after, and if ever truly in doubt, go out and get yourself a boat load of paper honeycombs in assorted colors–those things will go a hell of a long way to cheering up even the grumpiest button among you.

say byeeee!

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