Spotlight On M. Elle Design

January 24, 2014

Please to acquaint your Friday selves with M. Elle Design.

A week or so ago, blogger Cassandra Lavalle featured a dining room which drew me in like that old moth to the Elle Decor feature. “Hmm” I thought, as I hovered my mouse over the designer link, and then, as the following page loaded, “ahhh.”

How’s that for an opener, right?

M. Elle Design is based in Santa Monica, CA and Newport Beach, CA, and is, if you can handle the charm of the notion, a mother-daughter operation. Their work feels to me to be the lovechild of rustic lakehouse and coastal chic. After a thorough perusal of their portfolio, I’m ultimately conflicted over which vision holds more dominance: shnuggled up on a sinfully comfortable couch, gazing at a roaring fire, wearing the red and white snowflaked adorned pajamas I don’t own, or basking in the laziness of après-beach, blue and white striped dress-adorned, while the great beachy hair I don’t have dries in the afternoon sunlight.

That’s one dilemma I definitely hope never gets solved.

Hats off to your weekend, kids. Send out some snail mail, whip up a brand new recipe, and vacuum underneath your bed. Have you seen what’s happening under there??


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