Spotlight On Lauren Nelson Design

December 11, 2014

My dad did me the courtesy of informing me that I “haven’t done one of those ‘spotlight on’ things” in a little while, the subtext of which was, “show me some interiors damnit!”

I love you dad.

Great, so from now until forever Lauren Nelson will come to find herself associated with a stranger’s dad. Doing my part, guys, I’m just doing my part.

Nelson is doing hers, as well. A designer based in California, she seems as at home (many puns intended) with clearly traditional designs as she does slightly bohemian, relaxed cool. The spaces I love most from her portfolio fall somewhere in the middle of it all: comprised of layers of old and new, crisp and rustic, they’re elegance-meets-modesty.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Nelson is a pro-stylist to boot, so you know these photos are going to be arranged to the banana-th degree.

Living room by Lauren Nelson design with rustic coffee table and beach photography.

There isn’t much I don’t love about what’s happening here, but the highlight must be the gallery wall that’s not trying too hard. This is a novel concept. Not to mention the light-light-grey walls. Nice work LN.

Living area and workspace by Lauren Nelson.

Below, Nelson suggests your fallback weekend itinerary: painting the inside of any cabinetry in a striking hue.

Paint the inside of a cabinet in a striking and dark hue.

Dining area and kitchen vignette from Lauren Nelson with lucite chairs, framed kid's art and plenty of throw pillows.

There is some bit of genius going on down yonder in regards to the color palette and placement.

Serene dining room filled with shades of blue.

Alternate fallback weekend itinerary c/o Lauren: paint a contrast wall in your bedroom. P.S. that chest on the left is darling.

See more of Lauren Nelson's masterful interior design and styling... See more of Lauren Nelson's masterful interior design and styling...

More of Lauren Nelson's masterful interior design and styling--parson's desk, bamboo chair, gallery wall.

It’s all about the fixture in this serene bath (like statement jewelry).

Beautiful white bathroom with a bold light fixture.

I’m pretty sure it just became a rule that hanging a swing makes a room infinitely more appealing to the children-things.

A kid's fantasy space: drawing table, toy bins, and a swing!

Now do you want to close with a scope at Nelson’s design of the Cuyana showroom? Of course you do.

Cuyana showroom designed by Lauren Nelson Cuyana showroom designed by Lauren Nelson Cuyana showroom designed by Lauren Nelson

And in summary I say unto you: Be real. Have fun. And refill my glass of seltzer while you’re up, would you please?


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