Spotlight on Buckingham Interiors + Design

March 21, 2014

Happy Friday homies.

Today I have the work of Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC for the pleasure of your eyeballs.

Headed by Julia Buckingham Edelmann, the Chicago firm designs according to Julia’s signature approach, Modernique®, which I’ve taken to understand means a marriage of old and new, of practicality with absolute impracticality.

That latter facet is what I believe lends Buckingham it’s especial appeal; there is the sense that things have been laid out in such a way as to bode well for real life tasks such as eating and sitting, and yet the spaces have also been dotted here and there with a random amalgamation of pieces whose only purpose is to sit there and look weird, for you know, curiosity, intrigue, narrative.

The dining room, for starters:

And for seconds a stupidly beautiful beaded light fixture that looks like much more like jewelry than it does anything else. Not to mention that wallpaper, which, characterized by vertical lines as it is, seems to extend the beading on down the wall.

More grandeur by Buckingham, this time in the form of an ultra refined powder room and a collection of crowns. Because why not.

Followed closely by a kitchen shot that’s cooler than your kitchen and mine combined, undoubtedly.

Another one, and some giant domino tiles because again, why not.

And get a load of this charmer. Just stop it with all that juice pouring in your pajamas would you, dad? We get it, your house is damn fine.

And finally, a couple of white corners, another beaded mastery, a seriously cool reading nook, and lovely paneling, respectively.

That’s that.

Have yourself a weekend, do.

Buy a bouquet of tulips, a couple pairs of new underwear, and then probably try doing something nice for someone who isn’t you helllloooouuuu.

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