Spotlight on Kishani Perera

February 21, 2014

Oh, hey Friday!

Do you guys even know how much love I pour into this space? I hope so. And also how much excitement I get from you visiting? I hope that too.

K, great. Moving on. On that is to Kishani Perera, interior designer whose work has recently captivated me. Kishana has an especial knack for mixing elegance and glamour with a hint of eclecticism, and the result are spaces that feel neither too high maintenance, nor too flea market scroungy. They convey a sense of fun, a kind of high clawss whimsy, if you will.

Just take a look at this hat rack for starters.

But if that’s not enough to convince you, do take a gander at what’s happening below. Kelly green cabinetry, iridescent chevron tiling. HELLO.

Having a game room complete with pool table doesn’t make it onto my priority list, at this time, in this life, but if it did, and I did, and all that, this:

A dining space filled with sunlight, butter yellow curtains, and hints of blue. I eat this.

But this I devour. Devour, I tell you!

Below, an unapologetically feminine dining room, the stuff birthday breakfast dreams are made of (birthday breakfasts are an institution around here).

Perfectly appointed shelves await your eyeballs down yonder,

While a banquet happening south awaits to like, make you pee your pants.

This space almost makes me a tad wary, filled with very trendy items as it is, but then it’s so damn good that Kishani, order me one up!

Stupidly good displays are next.

And to close a backyard fire pit/ lounge area where I would roast all the marshmallows, bow to all the Perera’s, and Live all the Simplys.

Blast into this weekend as if it were a newly opened Seattle Zara, to which hordes of fashion-starved denizens emerging from a sea of plaid absolutely clamor.

And also, be kind people. Make loving kindness your absolute mission. And also Live Simply. And also Clean Sheet Night. And also clean allthethings.


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