Spotlight On Holly Mathis Interiors

April 11, 2014

It’s Friday, and you know what I think we’re all deserving of? A big old dose of farmhouse style kitchen courtesy of Holly Mathis Interiors.

There’s something you should know about this post, which is that I sincerely tried my hardest to cut down the number of included images to one slightly resembling a reasonable amount. And I mostly failed, because they’re just all that dang good and it felt painful to sever ties with any one of them.

Like, you want farmhouse done right? You go to Holly.

You want numbers painted on your stairs? Holly.

Or maybe you find yourself a’yearning for an alternative to that standard flour scoop? In that case, go see Holly.

She’ll instruct you in the direction of a vintage toile teacup because perfection.

Oh, but if you want the white subway tiling. Oh, then, you go see H. Mathis. Holly has all the subway tiling.

Plus all the seltzer, which means I’m officially in love.

But if you need some perfectly styled open shelves, or perchance a fuchsia leather club chair–well in that case, it would be Holly. 

She’s got radishes too, just saying.

Oh Holly, how doth thou enchant us with your black and white checkerboard floor, your cake stands and that one stupendous scalloped bowl thing which appears to be holding oranges.

Don’t you feel you can breathe easy now? Easier than before?

Here’s wishing you all the fresh spring breezes this weekend, not to mention the homemade lattes.

Listen to me: be kind to yourself and to the other people and remember I’m here for you and remember you’re brilliant and also that no one wants to have to ignore the fact that you have a booger hanging out of your nose so maybe just try to be a little more aware of your nostrils, mmkay?


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