Spotlight on Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Friday, February 15, 2013

It’s the Friday after Valentine’s Day, which has got to be some occasion in and of itself, right?

Moving on, today I give you the work of Natalie Fuglestveit (photography by Lindsay Nichols), a woman whose work I lingered upon almost as long as I did her last name when transcribing it here in an effort to ensure correct spelling. It really isn’t all that hard, per say, just one of those that might easily invite an unfortunate error. Much like my own. The proper pronunciation of which is still foggy, even for those of us baring it.

Let’s dive right in with Fuglestveit’s living room, the official genus of which is “new vintage,” a moniker I quite liked, you?

But doesn’t that settee invite! “Sit in me,” it beseeches, “feel at once imbued with history and also freshly hatched.”

Across from which can be found a stately tufted sofa in cream, complete with kaleidoscopic throw pillows.

This corner is so all “I didn’t even try to look this good I just woke up this way and brushed my teeth. Didn’t even run a comb through my hair I swear.” You know what I mean? And I love it all the more so for it.

Nothing short of a truly lovely and elegant chandelier hanging in the forefront of our living room backdrop.

Ah, and here is the final scene complete now. I admit it– that chevron rug is what does me in. The coffee table is like, you know, perhaps not the exact one I might select, but who can judge until you’ve been there and such.

Transitioning now into “rustic” realm; you just try telling me you wouldn’t seriously consider giving up your baby toe for a cabin like this to call your own.

Yes, I feel your mind shifting now. “I really wouldn’t miss it all that much. So little. Barely any nail!”

And now to bed. This, “contemporary elegance” is at once soothing by way of its neutral tones and uber polished and composed.

And this one is rather sweet, wouldn’t you say?

Be kind to each other and keep trying always and ask people how they’re doing and care. And for heavens sake try to Live Simply and don’t feel badly if you finish all the Mint Chocolate Chip while the others are away. If they really cared about it they would have had the good sense to pack the pint in their suitcase.


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