Spotlight on Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday. Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design. Boom. 

We shall begin our perusal of E.M’s portfolio with a couple of vignettes, taken out of context, if nothing other than to illustrate the fact that when a vignette is styled well enough, it needs no larger context of setting. 

Lovely glass bottles; horse head bookend:

Glass panes with imagination; baskets for fabric, labeled in an ironic fashion:

Mercury glass bottles; bookstack; other stuff:

But here’s a larger context for you. Take this cozy study into consideration. It’s quite the masterful blend of masculine and feminine, wouldn’t you agree? And I do love a good paneled wall. And that bit of gold detailing neighboring said study would most likely beg that sort of question, “But like what am I looking at, Annie?” To which the response would be, as it always is in such cases, “The point!” 

Ah, yes, there it is. 

It’s like Mastress Metcalfe was intentionally trying to take me over the edge. It wasn’t enough that she design a kitchen with white cabinetry, stately metal pulls, and marble subway tiling (!). No, she had to go and get my shoelaces all in a tangle by adding the mint dishware accents. 

A momentary interlude into the living room, where Lady Elizabeth has achieved the elusive collision of comfort and glamour.

Before getting right back to the kitchen. This may be a different one, it may be the same, I couldn’t care less either way because hello! 

That action segways into this sitting room, where delicate gold details, tufted grey seats, and blush curtains beckon. 

Only to be trumped by this bed. 

And on that note we shall leave off. Tuck in, sweet dreams, and for goodness sake, take ten minutes to weed your damn garden this weekend– it’s starting to clover.

Oh, and before you scamper off, I’m the newest contributor for Modern Parents Messy Kids and you can read my first ramblings on reusable bags of all things here, aptly titled: How to Organize Reusable Bags


3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design

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  2. Keri A

    I would like to copy the white frames behind my sofa in my living room. Where did you find such nice frames and do you have a plan I could use for hanging.

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