Spotlight on Chango & Co.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today’s spotlight is the interior design group based in New York City known as Chango & Co., which not only sounds rawther bad-ass, but I would venture to say, actually is. But you know, like a really well-polished, East Hamptons version of bad-ass so…

Right, on with it, shall we?

This bedroom is as grand a place as any to start. The tri-captain’s mirrors are working their way into my affections, as my own newly acquired one has just last night been hung. We shan’t overlook the wingback, studded bed either, nor the subtle edginess of the studs-on-nightstands.

Next, the junior room equivalent, except not really at all. I find myself immensely enjoying the rainbow polka-dotted rug because really, why wouldn’t you, as well as the cubbies for toy storage. And of the course the highlight must the obvious: tell me, what young boy wouldn’t want a hanging bubble chair from which he can cuddle with his stuffed friends, look at picture books, and ever so often twirl around to gaze down at the metropolis existing outside his window? Answer: none.

I’d like to call your attention to the action happening at the north end of this next one; a nickel finish steel drum chandelier. Does it get cooler than that? Will I cease posing such rhetorical questions? Maybe.

Okay, pull your pants up a bit higher because it’s about to get beach-y up in here.

Just. Really though. I mean… and stuff!

Oh dear lordecor. This gives me heart palpitations, I swear. The white-washed plank table, the upholstered french metal chairs, the sheer curtains gently billowing in the breeze. It’s too good I tell you!

But it just keeps going: evidently all it took was some chicken wire to make a fussy china cupboard look right at home among the sand and waves.

And this, oh goodness yes this. Okay, so admittedly it wouldn’t be my real life bedroom, but the bedroom in my beach house? You betchya (there’s to be multiple residences, for the record).

To close, a couple of details:

Chango & Co. be proud. Be proud, indeed.

Happy weekend to you all. Be patient with each other and take a breath before you shout because shouting raises stress levels and blood pressure and then you die and whatnot. So instead, just don’t. Bye!

(Django Unchained. The movie. That’s why Chango sounded bad-ass to me.)

2 thoughts on “Spotlight on Chango & Co.

  1. ashley

    hahah i love you annie. i totally was trying to place why “chango” sounded familiar. also, perfection. those lamps in the master?? and the pendants in the kitchen are my dream. great find, as always!! xx


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