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Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh guys, I’m sort of jumping around in my seat as I put this post together so you can imagine.

I came across this residential space by Emerick Architects, a Portland Oregon firm, and my jaw sort of dropped and my interiors juices starting getting all bubbly and I started hopping up and down and clapping my hands and it was out in public which was unfortunate.

But such is life.

This space is industrial. Like, the industrialest of the industrialest. And I am not one for industrial. Let’s just get that straight right here and now. Personally, I could never reside in this place. I’m not even sure I really like it, per say. But sometimes in life, liking it is irrelevant. Can you appreciate it, can you learn from it, that’s the question. If you’re unsure of my sincerity, I can tell you I am speaking, amazingly, without any sarcasm.

I am wholly convinced that this space is pure brilliance. It’s a work of mastery. It is flawless in its execution. But here’s what really gets me: it possesses an uncanny ability to evoke a sense of softness, even in the midst of hard lines and rugged, exposed structural elements.

I love the openness of this area–it is only one room, after all–and yet there are clearly four distinct regions.

God, and those open shelves–the sleek black of the shelves and the shocking pop of white dishware they contain. That ottoman! How stupidly good is that? All leathery and masculine and nailhead detailed. Uch and that table! Dig how that wood, farmhouse table is injecting a sense of comfort into an otherwise sterile atmosphere. It’s like botox. But also, not at all.

I can’t even talk about this sofa, though. So please, let’s not even mention how much I do like that, how I would seriously consider giving up three inches of my hair and all of my shoes and the use of pillows for the next 2-4 years in exchange for regularly placing my bottom upon that.

I might pee in my pants just a little bit before I make it through the composing of this post. But lord help me, those windows, I want to lick their panes. But again, also, not at all. In other news: can’t you just tell how much this whole kitchen is Living Simply? Bet those cupboards are crazy organized is what I bet.

The billowy white curtains–Emerick, I want to pick you up and twirl you around for those. Don’t ever underestimate a window treatment’s ability to soften (or otherwise influence) a space, eh?

The light and dark contrast is obvious, but I would be remiss not to call it out by name because it is absurdly consistent, and it is mighty fine.

Again, the billow curtains do their part to soften this bathroom, while the white subway tiling brings a sense of residency to what might otherwise appear as a glasses factory. Plus, that sweet little etagere!

The bedroom strays not one inch from the general motif:

While the windows turn out to have been doors, all along, capable of opening wide to let in the fresh air and the curious whispers of all those stock still on the street, craning their necks to get a better view.

Wave to them!

And now I’m exceedingly curious to hear your thoughts on this space so hold nothing back.

And also, try to be good people this weekend, would you? Return the items you’re meant to and pick up your shirts from the dry cleaners and tell the people you think are grand that you do?


4 thoughts on “Spotlight on Emerick Architects

  1. Julie

    I could EASILY live in this house..I love, love, love the whole thing! I would probably add a few rugs to cosy it up a bit.. I wonder how the look would change if the floors were dark.

  2. Doniele

    It’s very modern, but there’s also a rustic vibe which makes it seem livable, as opposed to just modern which I’m not drawn to. Amazing!!

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