In A Pinch Boot Shapers

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sometimes you’ve just got to improvise on the fly. Or if you’re me, and you’re constantly going through people’s things without always having the benefit of knowing what kinds of things you’ll uncover and thereafter need to Live Simply, well basically the above sentence thusly applies.

When drooping boots are getting you down and you don’t have proper shapers shapers on hand, grab the nearest magazine (the heftier the better).

Roll those puppies up like a spyglass, and secure with a rubber band to keep from unwinding. 

Then whoop, slip, into the boots they go and sloup glosh those boots are going to stand up so tall you might be tempted to substitute them for bowling pins.

But don’t cause that would defeat the whole purpose hellooo. 

P.S. For all those wondering, I maintain there is a distinction between the dreaded quick fix referenced in yesterday’s post and the act of improvising when needed. One involves a lack of intention, while the latter points to the immediate remedying meant to help propel you in the right direction.   

4 thoughts on “In A Pinch Boot Shapers

  1. Coleen

    I use a pool noodle that’s been cut down to size. I can get enough for two pair out of one noodle for ~$3. You just have to plan ahead since it’s hard to find summer stuff in the dead of winter….unless you’re in a warm climate! 🙂


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