17 Resolutions To Simplify Your Life This Year

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I don’t know what or how much is standing between you and your life being Simplified, but I do know that Simplicity is achieved only through the intentional clearing out of the unimportant, the extraneous, and the in-authentic. And, I know the many, common obstacles people face in their path towards cultivating Simplicity. So I’ve compiled a list, straight off the tip of the dome, of shifts you may choose to make, each one in its own right practically guaranteed to boost your overall level of Simplicity and ease. 

Oh, and pay no mind to the fact that it’s January 2nd. The person truly committed to change knows that a resolution is valid from the moment it is made, no matter the day of the year. 

17 Resolutions To Simplify Your Life This YearImage credit: Only Deco Love


1. Resolve to implement an ongoing donation bin.

2. Resolve to schedule a monthly charitable donation pick-up.

3. Resolve to do almost anything other than shop online when you’re bored. Read a book, go for a walk, phone a friend, cook a meal, etc. (Note: “shop” does not mean merely “purchase,” but also “browse.”)

4. Resolve to lessen the barrage of retail marketing’s influence on your life. Create an account with Catalog Choice (it’s free and positively brilliant). Unsubscribe from retail mailings using a service like Unroll.me. (I use both of these and swear by them!)

5. Make a resolution to master the art of The Follow Through.

6. Resolve to say no to things that don’t truly excite you. 

7. Resolve to give up the guilt. 

8. Resolve to responsibly reward your efforts to declutter your space. 

9. Resolve not to fall prey to the lure of the impulse-purchase selection. 

10. Resolve to pay attention to your own space, and in your own space. Pay attention when clothes stop exciting you. Pay attention to routines and items that annoy you, that nag at you, and that bum you out. You’ve got to be aware of a situation in order to improve upon it. 

11. Resolve to master the art of Breaking Up With Your Stuff.

12. Resolve to start by streamlining your closet

13. Resolve to have just one or two or three items in rotation, rather than twelve, or two dozen, or a hundred million. One bottle of shampoo open at a time. One tube of mascara.

14. Resolve to use up what you own before you purchase more.

15. Resolve to learn to relish the satisfaction of attaining completion, rather than of opening/starting.

16. Resolve to be direct, assertive, and kind in your communication with others. Don’t say “yes I can” if what you want to say is “No I can’t.” Don’t commit if you aren’t sure. Say what you mean, and what needs to be said, even if it’s hard. 

17. Resolve not to let fear stop you from moving forward in your goal of simplifying your life. Not your fear of feeling wasteful, or your fear that something in your possession might be worth something down the road, or your fear of offending people you love by letting go of gifted items.




10 thoughts on “17 Resolutions To Simplify Your Life This Year

  1. Lori H

    Thank you, thank you! What a great list! I am going to print it out and hang it up where I can see it every day as a reminder.

    1. Annie Post author

      So glad to hear it’s a source of encouragement for you, Lori. Even if you just start with picking (AND STICKING) to ONE, I swear upholding that intention will make you feel like a million bucks. 😉

  2. Elle

    Thank you for this wonderful list. I comment very infrequently, but read all of your posts and appreciate them very much. Thank you.

    1. Annie Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to come out of the virtual woodwork to chime in, Elle! Thank you for being such a loyal reader of the blog. xxx -A

    1. Annie Post author

      Yes! Thank you for calling that one out! So integral to the process. Personal prescription for you: JUST DO #15 AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

  3. Cheyenne

    I love your posts. No matter what, they always teach or inspire me in some way. I am constantly doing most of the list and teaching others- my husband, my students, etc. why we simplify to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. You taught me all of it! And now…I think I know the answer, but am second guessing myself…what is the proper amount of time to keep a handmade gift that you positively will never-ever use? My aunt made me a purse for Christmas and talked about how difficult it was to make and how she had to learn it all as she went along. I really love the thought that went into it, but as I mentioned it is not something I would ever use. Like, ever. So tell me guru 🙂 , what is the protocol with handmade gifts?

    1. Annie Post author

      Cheyenne, YOU are why I write this blog. Truly. The consistency with which you take the time to inject insightful contributions cannot be measured, but trust me when I tell you that it counts for EVERYTHING. And the way you have embodied the principles discussed on the blog is beyond admirable. I’m so proud of you.

      Re the handmade gift…you KNOW you don’t need MY permission to let it go, but if it helps, it is certainly granted.

      A handmade gift is no different than any other sort. There is no need to equate love and respect for a person with the item they’ve given you. The emotion lies outside the context of a physical item. A gift is merely a token of emotion. To receive AND retain those feelings does not require you to hold on to the physical item. The FEELING is the thing. The thing is the thing. You know?

      1. Cheyenne

        I though so 🙂 Just needed to hear I wasn’t horrible for donating it 10 days later, haha. <3 to you and yours!


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