10 Ways To Responsibly Reward Your Live Simply Habits

May 17, 2017

I’ve been studying the concept of rewards as of late, and in doing so have noticed there’s a crucial error most of us make when it comes to treating ourselves for honoring our values and showing up for our priorities: we choose rewards that have little or nothing to do with the activity that has earned us the reward.

On this very blog, I know I’ve instructed you to whip some space into shape and then treat yourself to a latte afterwards, (because those two activities are so related?).

What makes more sense? Rewarding yourself with something that further enables the very task, habit, or behavior you’re proud of yourself for having accomplished.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways to reward yourself for working hard to Live Simply.

10 Ways To Responsibly Reward Your Live Simply Habits


Encourage your efforts to make your home your sanctuary by hiring out a deep cleaning of it, from baseboard to tile grout.


Reward your new-found habit of removing your shoes at the front door with a new mat or shoe rack.


Treat yourself to a guided walkthrough of a closet edit.


Gift yourself a label maker.

(Tip: here’s the one I recommend.)


Cured your addiction to hoarding shopping bags? Reward yourself with an intentionally chosen, super cute reusable bag.

(Tip: I’m obsessed with these, of which I own two, have used exclusively for the past 3+ years, and both of which show no signs of failing me anytime soon.)


Actually, finally hire a handyman/woman to attend to all those things in your space that have been broken for so long you can barely recall a time when they weren’t broken.

(Tip: if you don’t have a handyperson, ask around to your family and friends to see if they have one to recommend. Someone is bound to have the number of a handy hero. If you don’t have any luck that way or you aren’t in the market for a new catchphrase, try Handy, which I’ve used with success on numerous occasions, or a similar app.)


Further elevate your space by treating yourself to a piece of art you’ve been eyeing.


Clear the floors of clutter? Treat yourself to a carpet or rug cleaning.


Kept the kitchen counters clear for two weeks straight? Celebrate the uncluttered surface by using it a spot to place your reward-bouquet-of-fresh-flowers.


Treat yourself to a beautiful new basket that will serve as your ongoing donation bin.



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