Organizing Product Favorites: November 2015

November 24, 2015

A real hodgepodge of a favorites list, just for you.

Get the low down on the products this professional organizer considers must-haves!

1. Essential Stacking Bins

I’ve included these stacking bins in a past favorites round-up, I’m sure of it. They’re good quality and very reasonably priced. This month brought about a newfound appreciation and adoration for the stacking bins when the realization hit that they are perfectly sized to fit a travel cosmetics train case.

Now, travel cosmetics stay contained while in transit, but they also–ding ding ding thank you Vanna–stay beautifully organized while in use.

Because traveling with all my products makes me the happiest–dealing with all those miniature bottles floating aimlessly around a hotel bathroom vanity makes me the stressed-iest.


2. Vremi Salad Spinner with Slicer and Grater

After my last salad spinner melted or warped or went the way that all inferior kitchen gadgets do, I insisted upon a replacement. An upgrade, at that.

Before this salad spinner, I was living in a world where drying greens required one arm to wrap the sphere in a full-force hug against one’s body, while the other maniacally and frantically turned a brittle, little knob. The whole thing was a swea-pisode, a great culinary struggle, one which inevitably ended because your poor arms couldn’t take it anymore and not hardly because the lettuce was dry.

The things you learn in unexpected ways and places; drying greens doesn’t have to constitute a week’s worth of arm exercise. You can, it turns out, stand nonchalantly in place, rest one arm by your side while the other, without the slightest bit of effort, merely pushes down a lever repeatedly. And should one want to check on how much water has been repelled, one needs only to push a button for the spinner to come to an obedient halt. No spinning wildly until the inertia has decided it’s worn off.

That’s salad, Simplified.


3. ArtBin 6923AB Marker Storage Satchel with 1-Marker Tray and 2 Dividers

ArtBin makes some fairly stellar craft-and-other-things organizing products, but this shines apart. It’s the only one I’ve found that has a way for coloring instruments to stand up, so that small humans or grown artists can actually see the colors from a glance.

You might get the same result from a glass jar or a table caddy, but those options don’t also happen to live within a container, capable of being tucked away or transported easily.

The two compartments besides allow for additional room for too-short crayons, too-tall pencils, or other spill over.


4. Basic Black Soft Matte Wood Hangers

These premium hangers are some of the nicer ones I’ve worked with lately. Their long sides ensure garments don’t end up with hanger-nipples, and while they aren’t flocked, they do have a soft, matte finish that provides a non-slip surface all of its own.


5. Gleener On The Go

My favorite pill/fuzz-remover in a more compact, bag-size friendly version? Yes please and mahalo very much.

6. Nalgene Wide-Mouth Leakproof Bottles


7. Nalgene Leakproof Dropper Bottles

Nothing can surpass the Gotoobs in my book for transporting things like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and so on. But, I’ll admit, there are some solutions and quantities of products that perhaps they aren’t just quite the thing.

After a long-search, I’ve finally settled on these: leakproof containers that really are, that offer a wide variety of closures.

Maybe you need just a dab or two of hand cream, or hair gel. In that case, #6 was made for you. Or, maybe, you need some contact lens solution, or some facial toner.

It isn’t that the gotoobs won’t hold the liquid, they will. Only, their spouts aren’t quite right for ejecting them. What I don’t loose in leakage, I might loose in miscalculated squirting out onto a cotton swab.

The dropper bottles, #7, are as leakproof, but their tops are also designed with emitting liquids in mind.

8. Tug o Lamp

We’re all in love. Nautical, sculptural, clean. I shouldn’t be biased–Land of Nod’s lamps are really all winning.


9. Anchor Marquee Light (similar here: Modern Marquee Light, Anchor, White/Metallic)

Lighted decor is my new favorite thing. Since, that is, I ordered one of these anchor lighted signs, hung it in a client’s boy’s bedroom, and watched as the whole room literally came to life in front of my eyes.

Brighter (much more!) than I expected it to be (in a fantastic way), easier to hang, and even, yes, more impactful than I had anticipated or hoped. Now seeking: spaces in which to add marquee lights. Holler if you have one in need.


10. PB Kids Cameron System And Preston System 


It’s pretty impossible to go wrong with PB Kids storage furniture offerings–so says me.

For spaces like playrooms they’re especially winning, since they provide the necessary storage variety (cubbies, cabinets, and drawers).

They can be customized to fit your needs, since they’re modular units (I just did a design-your-own-route for a client’s playroom this past month) or you can opt for a ready-made layout.

In the end, they come out looking clean and fresh, they lend themselves exceptionally well to storage baskets and bins, they provide separated storage regions for differentiating between types of items, they ship quickly, and they assemble faster and easier than the things from that more Swedish retailer you may have heard of.

What more could you ask for in a children’s storage piece?


What have you been loving this month??

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  1. […] hanger is, of course, this or any similar iteration. The second was mentioned in this post. And now comes these acrylic […]

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