Monthly Mantra: May 2021

May 1, 2021



Balance is elusive. Being in perfect alignment between two poles that command us to advance towards them with the falsely alluring songs of Too Much and Not Enough requires discipline and perspective. We have to keep our gaze fixed on the big picture, even as we make kajillions of minute decisions.

In our pursuit of balance, we commonly over- and undershoot our mark. In our desire to pursue one goal, we may inadvertently neglect another. When we realize we’ve dropped a ball, we run to pick it up, dropping the one we were holding on the way. And this can go on for a lifetime–zig-zagging between A and B, without ever feeling as though we’re succeeding.

Frustratingly, this overly-forced effort is what prevents us from achieving equilibrium. Balance is free-flowing energy. It’s harmony between polarities. It’s rolling with the punches while relaxedly realigning as necessary.

If we’re far out of alignment, we might need to lean all the way in the other direction for a minute or two. But instead of panicking when we realize we’re doing so, we have to chill out and allow ourselves to pave the way for balance.

Many of our clients, realizing how great an imbalance they have with their space and their belongings, choose to set aside a week of their lives to work with us. And while some may have moments of worry that their work is temporarily suffering as a result, they know, too, that ridding their lives of clutter and establishing clarity and order will benefit every facet of their lives, work included.

Achieving balance requires that we give appropriate weight to short and long term results. That’s the only way to know when to grant yourself grace and indulge in a delicious dessert, spend time frivolously for the sake of rest, or treat yourself to a new pair of overalls, and when to tell yourself to suck it up, lace up your sneakers, set a timer for a nightly tidy-up, or resist buying those jeans you just don’t need.

In every life, there is the need for both: striving and idleness, accountability and grace, indulgence and restraint, movement and stillness, connection and quiet, risk and routine.

The balance point is where you feel best. It’s where you feel freest, most centered, least prone to anger and hostility and overwhelm. It’s where your body is healthiest, and your space is most Simplified. That’s what makes the perpetual aiming for it worthwhile.

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