Monthly Mantra: June 2021

June 1, 2021




Some days, I feel stymied by the questions I’m asking myself. I feel like shouting, “I DON’T KNOW, DUMMY. I’M THE ONE ASKING THE QUESTION, SO I OBVIOUSLY DON’T HAVE THE ANSWER!”

That shuts me up for a minute. But pretty soon I’m back at it, wondering what angle I’m missing or why I seem to have such difficulty deciphering a situation so many others have been able to solve so easily, so long ago.

Which of these two equally viable paths do I want to pursue?

If I can have anything, but not everything, what do I want most?

Is it worth it for me to try a different way?

What is this teaching me?

How can I heal this facet of myself?

How can I extricate myself from this situation?

When the answer doesn’t come immediately, it’s helpful to remember that one always does eventually.

More than likely, we do have an answer, but we might be too scared to declare it. Maybe we fear the ramifications of our decision. Maybe we’re worried our answer is wrong.

It’s entirely possible that even when we believe we’re ready to answer a question about the progression of our lives, we may only be practicing for how it’ll feel when we eventually declare our stance. That’s why an answer isn’t here, yet. We’re not requesting one, yet. And yes, our minds are crazy people.

The moment we decide to choose and accept that whatever answer we’re able to generate at the moment is good enough, one appears.

Generally not in a flash of light, epiphany-style moment. Those can happen, and it’s nothing short of glorious when such clear intuitive messages come through. Usually, the answer we come up with is the one that seems best, the one we’re more excited about, and the one we can see our way through. We’re almost never sure it’s the right answer, because there isn’t one.

There is no decision that cannot be course-corrected. Life is made up. We’re writing the script as we’re reading it. Even if we write ourselves into a corner, we’ll figure that shit out. We’ll notice a ladder. We’ll find new answers and move on to deeper questions.

We have every right to have faith in ourselves. Haven’t we always managed to move our lives forward, answer by answer? Aren’t we here, however cobbled together, however 2020-torn? Aren’t we still made of the stuff of the stars, guided by internal compasses that recalibrate themselves perpetually to what’s best for us?

Think what a different mindset you’d be in were you to remind yourself every day for a month: You can figure this out.  You have all the smarts, and the experiences, and the bandwidth, to design an answer you can deem acceptable. You’re the only one who can, and you can’t screw it up.

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