Monthly Mantra: December 2020

December 1, 2020



This year there were times when you felt like every person and every situation was an attempt to enrage you and make you take to your bed in perpetuity. But love the life you’re lucky enough to live anyway.

This year, people let you down so hard. They acted carelessly. They were senselessly apathetic and grossly narcissistic. But love them anyway, not for them but for you. Because holding hot anger burns your spirit to a crispy fossil.

This year your family drove you crazy in all the ways they uniquely do. There were times when you wanted to shake them, yelling, “Stop being so yourself!” into their them faces. Love them anyway because they are your roots and your mirror.

This year, you failed to do all you were able to better your block, your neighborhood, and your country. You missed untold opportunities for carrying out small kindnesses, and you have still barely begun to do enough for those with less privilege than you.

You wish your house looked more like the photos you see in the magazines. You look around and see a list of unfinished projects. Love the space you get to call your own anyway because space is privilege and possibility. 

You’ve disappointed yourself in a myriad of ways this year. You’ve picked your skin even though you promised yourself on seven separate occasions you were done with that. You went back to your ex even though you knew better. You made a whole lot of questionable decisions around food, and your health, and your body. 

You told yourself you were too exhausted to call your mom on a few occasions, and there are a dozen people that come to mind immediately that you wish you’d sent flowers to. Or at least a card.

This year, there were times when you let fear be the driver. But love even your fear anyway. Because it isn’t really there to hurt you, but to protect you. And you can’t fault it for not knowing when to quit.

You’ve told yourself absurd lies you didn’t even somewhat believe and you’ve crafted elaborate delusions you did believe, and you are still not perfect. 

Love yourself anyway. You’re better than you were before, anyway, and getting better every moment. And tomorrow, who knows…

Love anyway because loving is less exhausting than fault-finding, more empowering than judging, and more fun than criticizing. 

In spite of the imperfections. In spite of the contrast. In spite of the suffering. In spite of the questions you don’t yet have answers to, and in spite of the goals you haven’t even begun to achieve. Society is redeemable. People are adaptable. Situations are salvageable. The world is good enough to love. You are good enough to love.


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