How To Actually Gain Momentum (Hint: It’s Not The Way You Think)

July 1, 2023


I see clients every day who have been stymied as to how to tackle their clutter and disorder.

These are people who have been incapacitated for years (sometimes even decades), waiting for motivation to arrive that never seems to. 

In a single session, these same clients transform from being anxious, overwhelmed and avoidant to voracious editors who must be pried away from the task by way of unbearable hunger and/or melting-down children.

All they needed all along was to get into action.

Action inspires motivation. Taking the first step is what motivates the next three. Flossing one tooth is what inspires flossing the whole set of chompers.

Only once in action do you begin to be motivated to remain in action, and can you create a chain of momentum. And once you have momentum, you become an arrow that cannot help but to hurtle forwards towards growth and expansion. You spend more of your time in your flow, and the universe responds by sending you more circumstances that invite you to experience the feelings you desire.

Your energy to begin is what topples the final dominoes. Your intention at the outset determines the path.

Do one thing first. Do the second thing next. Notice how you feel afterwards. Repeat.

Instead of waiting for momentum, create it.

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