Monday’s Meditation: On Keeping The Function Simple, But Not The Presentation

September 9, 2013

I drafted this post–part explanation, part self-actualization–and then, as if by magic, the quote above fell into my lap. The exact sentiment I had been attempting to articulate, only much more concise and generally more sensical.

See, I live by the code of simplicity. It is what I strive for in all areas of my life, from my physical surroundings to my relationships. Keeping it real. Streamlining to the essential matter. Consistently seeking out the easiest and simultaneously most fulfilling and loving avenue possible.

But in reading this blog, you’ll no doubt have noticed that my posts don’t really keep it simple. They are rarely as streamlined as they might possibly be, nor as unencumbered with parenthetical oddities, personal anecdotes, and the occasionally verbose vocabulary.

In the first few days of blogging, I maintained a self-imposed simplicity in my writing. If I didn’t, I thought, I would be undermining my overarching message. Who would believe I Lived Simply if my writing weren’t so?

And then, well, that got boring.

The truth of it is that my personality isn’t simple. To suppress it felt dull, certainly, but also verging on inauthentic.

When I look back on those baby posts now, they read as constrained, lackluster, and mostly unremarkable. Or maybe just, not very much at all like me.


Had I continued on that way–blogging by the code of brevity, I might never have continued. It is because I now allow myself to write in whatever way and with whatever words feel right–feel fun, and somewhat ridiculous and moreover feel like me being me and saying it how I really say it– that this process gives me such joy. I imagine, too, that’s the reason why so many of you take a moment out of your day to read my words.

The function must always be simple. It still will be. But the presentation? The presentation I grant myself permission to make as animated as I please. Consider this my disclosure; post copy not intended to serve as template for simplicity in life. 

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