Monday’s Meditation: On Practice

April 15, 2018

You are not the only one.

You are not the only one who worries about fudging a line, making a giant, ugly mistake, or being exposed as a fraud who doesn’t actually know what you’re doing.

You are not the only one afraid of failing.

Here’s a reminder for you: nobody really knows what they’re doing, because everyone is doing everything for the first time.

This morning, individuals in every sort of profession are Simply going to take their best stab at rising to, and delivering result for, a unique situation–since that’s what every situation is.

A doctor whose neck has featured a stethoscope for years will once again bring the instrument up against the chest of his patient and listen for the beat.

A lawyer will review documents or provide counsel just as they have before every other deposition.

A psychologist will sit and listen to his patient, making the occasional note, just as he has done on so many other occasions.

But each of these individuals will do so, if they’re wise, with the knowledge that this time around may be unlike any other they’ve encountered before.

In doing their work, they will be, in a word, practicing. 

A doctor practices medicine.

A lawyer practices law.

A psychologist, and a dentist, and a chiropractor, they all refer to their collective patients, and to the carrying out of their business as their “practice.”

A professional practice.

Professional. Practice.

The most skilled and gifted in every arena: professional practicers.

We learn as we go. We evolve according to the market’s demands. We tailor our approaches based on particular needs. We practice our crafts.

Every after years of listening to heartbeats, and litigating cases, and helping to resolve emotional trauma, every Professional Person is practicing their performance.

You, too, are going to do your very best to ace your practice run.



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