Monday’s Meditation: On Food For Thought

March 5, 2018

We become what, and who, we surround ourselves with.

They say that each of us is the average of the five people with whom we spend the majority of our time. So, too, are our minds affected by the quality and variety of material to which we regularly expose it.

We’ve become more cognizant of what we’re putting into our bodies. Sadly, not as much consideration is given to what we’re putting into our minds.

It’s vital to ask ourselves, “what am I feeding my mind?” Most of us are too busy, too preoccupied in our daily routines to pause and think about it.

But when we consider the long-term effects of low-grade energy sucks, we realize that what we allow our minds to absorb has profound impact.

Your casual addiction with watching the Real Housewives of Wherever is, on one hand, a fun escape from reality, one that probably won’t cause you direct, emotional turmoil. But listening to all those women argue and gossip might, on some level, be disrupting your inner calm and peace of mind.

Watching all those youtuber Haul videos might not make you surrender your credit card to a stranger on the internet. But watching others engaged in the act of consuming may very well be contributing to your desire to shop.

Your penchant for following the news cycle fastidiously might keep you apprised of the latest major, world events. Still, even with a great deal of perspective, it may become hard to not have the disturbances of the world infiltrate your psyche.

I’m not trying to put Bravo out of business, or convince you that staying informed is a bad thing, or make you feel guilty in the slightest about your guilty pleasure.

We need doses of levity, humor, and information in order to stay balanced.

Consider this a gentle reminder: it’s all gettin’ in there.

On some level, our minds are digesting each and every piece of information and bit of content we feed them. To suggest that what we put in doesn’t have cumulative effects on the quality of our thoughts would be to delude ourselves.

So, we must continue to be vigilant with what we expose ourselves to, and promise to pay attention to the sources that clutter, rather than elevate, our minds.

Our mental diets are as vital as our physical ones.

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